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Zoho Desk Implementation Support and Guidance

Get A Zoho Desk Setup To Effectively Deliver Your Customer Support Services

The success of your business is hinged on many factors. Many business owners and CEOs know that. One of the most important among those factors is how excellent customers consider your customer support service to be. Whether it’s a newly acquired customer or a returning buyer, the excellence of your customer support will determine whether they’d return and even refer your brand to their friends, families, and associates.

Another cog in the wheel is that we humans are inherently difficult to please, and even more so if we’re at the receiving end of a service. Your customers will require your company to go way and above to meet their needs. It’s the selfish nature of humans. All humans. They’re paying for the comfort, service, and ease that comes with buying from you. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see companies struggle with how effectively their customer service department performs.

As a micro or small business, you might not have enough resources to invest in hiring hundreds of customer support specialists and buying several batches of equipment. And, perhaps you’ve had your bad experience with outsourcing customer support to an agency that could hardly tell what your ideal customer profile looks like. Building your in-house customer success team is the best bet, and using a tool like Zoho Desk to manage your customer support processes from end-to-end will make your team’s work significantly less stressful, more productive, and more impactful. How? Let’s learn about the tool first!

What Is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is an end-to-end customer support platform that allows you to receive, classify, respond to, and track customer complaints in an effective and timely manner, thereby resulting in satisfied and happy customers. As you know, the happier your customers, the more willing they’d be to recommend your brand, thus significantly boosting your Net Promoter Score.

Zoho Desk is a platform that has your needs and your customers’ expectations as the basis for its creation. This is evident in the suite of amazing features and functionalities it has. Let’s look into these features and functions one after the other.

Features and Functions of Zoho Desk

Robust Ticket Management Functions

Zoho Desk has a variety of ticket management functions that will help your customer support team run seamlessly and effectively, no matter the size of your customer base. These functions are further categorized into the options below.

Omnichannel Support

Zoho Desk’s omnichannel ticketing feature means your customer support efforts across all channels — email, phone, live chat, and social media — are unified within one dashboard. This way, your team has a holistic view of all requests, what has been resolved, what’s pending, and what’s urgent, thereby helping team members to work more effectively and serve customers better.

Multi-department Support

This is a feature unique to Zoho Desk, and it helps each of your department create customer support processes that suit the department’s structure, staff strength, and workflow processes.

Multi-brand Help Center

If you’re an entrepreneurial mind that’s shipped different products or has several brands, you’d love this feature. It’s a feature that allows you to create a designated help center for each of your brands, within the same Zoho Desk account.

Intuitive Zia AI Services

Perhaps you’ve got to know Zia via another Zoho product. For Zoho Desk, Zia has a range of features that would make your customer support specialists receive 5-star rating time and time again. Let’s look into these features.

Knowledge Base Bot

Zia’s intuitive enough to read each customer request or complaint and sift through your knowledge base to find the appropriate answer. This is a powerful proactive customer support feature that will help you satisfy your customers without them necessarily chatting to a customer support specialist. This feature comes in handy for micro or small businesses with fewer customer support team members.

Intuitive Ticket Auto-tagging

With Zia’s intuitive ticket auto-tagging function, your support specialists get to respond to queries and complaints they’re best suited to solve. This feature is one where Zia reads through complaints and queries and tags the ticket with the appropriate customer support specialists whose skills match the requirements of the ticket.

Reply Assistance

This is a unique Zoho Desk feature that can help your customer support specialists significantly reduce the time they spend responding to customer queries and complaints. Zia automatically types responses based on the content of the ticket, while leveraging your knowledge base, resources, and FAQs to select the right words to structure the response.

Sentiment Analysis

Boosting your business’ net promoter score won’t happen by magic; it takes consistent and deliberate efforts from your team, especially your customer support specialists. And as you know, the excellence of this score depends on how customers perceive their encounter with your brand to be. Zia’s sentiment analysis feature can analyze each ticket that comes in to determine the sentiment — positive or negative. This would serve your team in many ways, including giving your assigned support specialist a heads up on the best way to respond to the ticket.

Zia Notifications

These are on-the-go, real-time notifications that would help you stay updated on every support request that comes in, including updates on the progress of requests you’ve responded to. These notifications are not just the random notifications, but rather insightful notifications to help you salvage situations before they get worse. Whether it’s an impending surge in ticket requests or a drop in your team’s performance, you can rest assured that you’d hear from Zia promptly.

Easy-to-Operate DIY Functions

For those times when your agents might not be readily available or those customers who would rather solve the issue themselves, Zoho Desk’s DIY functions are the go-to features you need to deploy.

You can embed self-service features on your website or apps using the ASAP plugin that seamlessly integrates with Zoho Desk. You can also create and manage your Knowledge Base and Help Community using Zoho Desk. What’s more? Zia has the capabilities to identify the knowledge gaps in your Knowledge Base by analyzing the most recurring customer complaints. This way, you can update your Knowledge Base with accurate and updated information.

Agent Productivity Booster

Zoho Desk’s range of agent productivity booster are features designed to help your team stay laser-focused, thereby helping more in less time, while leaving them as satisfied and happy customers. Let’s look into these features in detail.

Work Modes

This feature is unique to Zoho Desk and it organizes tickets based on factors such as priority, due time, status, or CRM status. This way, your customer support specialists can toggle between factors depending on the situation at hand. For example, if there’s a surge in customer requests, you might want to work with priority, as against all other factors.

Response Editor

This response editor feature allows you to tailor each response to suit the complaint while responding faster, using a range of resources including FAQs, snippets, keyboard shortcuts, customer context, and private help from external consultants.

Work Modes

This feature is unique to Zoho Desk and it organizes tickets based on factors such as priority, due time, status, or CRM status. This way, your customer support specialists can toggle between factors depending on the situation at hand. For example, if there’s a surge in customer requests, you might want to work with priority, as against all other factors.


You need not be at your desk to respond to customer complaints and solve ticket issues. Zoho Desk is available on both Android and iOS, thereby making it easier for your customer support specialists to work on the go.


You can create service-level agreements and contracts with Zoho Desk to specify details about your support services to your clients and customers. This will help them know what expectations to have of you and save you from disappointing customers.

You can also automate the assignment of the level of priority to your tickets, define the rules for and automation ticket escalation processes, and specify your business hours and holidays to send out automatic messages when your team won’t be available.

Furthermore, Zoho Desk allows you to customize your ticket statuses. By default, every Zoho Desk account comes with the following ticket statuses: open, on hold, escalated, and closed. However, your customer support team can create additional statuses to accommodate the peculiarities of your business.

Extensive Integration Options

Zoho is a pro-open-source company that has an extensive integration feature for Zoho Desk. From SDKs for your mobile apps, to app integrations, to embedded widgets, to Blueprint, to APIs, to Layouts, you can redesign your Zoho Desk to suit your business size, needs, peculiarities, and team size.

This sounds somewhat daunting and technical? That’s where QuakeCinch comes in! It’s our job to listen to your business goals, understand the struggles of your customer support team, and customize your Zoho Desk dashboard in a way that drives better results and improves on the existing processes.

Insightful Analytics

Zoho Desk empowers you with the right tools to monitor your customer support team’s performance. These tools include proprietary Zoho features like the Zoho Desk Headquarters and Radar. Let’s dig into them one after the other.

Zoho Desk Headquarters

This feature is unique to Zoho Desk and it gives you access to insights, reports, and metrics that holistically summarize the performances of your support agents. Through Headquarters, you can check agents’ availability, monitor customer happiness rate, and stay updated on your team’s ticket traffic.

Zoho Desk Radar

Radar is a special Zoho Desk mobile app that’s concerned with giving you notifications on exceptions and anomalies. You can access useful data and insights such as live traffic, channel traffic, and happiness ratings.

You can also set standards by which Radar will define anomalies and exceptions, thereby making it easier for you to access these anomalies on the go with little to no accumulation.

Reports and Dashboards

The best way to keep up with excellent customer service is to do better constantly. Thanks to Zoho Desk’s dashboards and reports, you can gain insights into your customer support team’s performance.

You can track time-related metrics such as average response time, first response time, and average resolution time, thereby relating your team’s swiftness to your overall customer happiness rating.

Brand-focused Customization

There are a variety of brand-focused customization features you can deploy to make your Zoho Desk help center align with your other brand assets and tools.

First, you can create templates for tickets, forms, email responses, and also create shortcuts for social media messages. This way, your team members will find it easier and quicker to attend to issues.

You can also map your help center to your domain. This means that you’ll have it linked to your domain, but deployed and managed using Zoho Desk. For instance, if your URL is and you choose Zoho Desk for your customer support service management, you can launch, which you can deploy using Zoho.

Why Do You Need Zoho Desk For Your Business?

If you’re a customer-conscious business owner who genuinely cares about delivering stellar service to your customers, then, you need Zoho Desk for your business. Here are reasons why you should choose Zoho Desk for your business:

  • Zoho Desk offers a more robust suite of services, as compared to its competitors. You can do more with Zoho Desk, and it’s better suited for small and micro businesses.
  • Zoho Desk’s automations are perfect for your business and team. Your team might be seemingly short-staffed, but thanks to Zoho Desk’s automations, you can pre-define workflows and services and have fewer people do the work of many. Also, the automation of processes will save your team time and have your customer support specialists focusing on attending to requests and complaints that are beyond what Zia can solve.
  • You need Zoho Desk if you want to boost your business’ customer retention rate significantly. With its proactive customer support functions, Zoho Desk allows you to predict and proactively attend to customers or prospects’ questions, complaints, and issues. Whether it’s an onboarding error, or a payment issue, your team can swing into action quickly, save the day, and win the customer or prospect’s heart.

What Are The Competitors Of Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk’s competitors include: Zendesk, Freshdesk, HappyFox, Salesforce, HelpScout, Kayako, and Grove, among others.
Zoho Desk is more efficient, easier-to-use, more affordable, and with more features than most of its competitors. For example, Zoho Desk comes with in-app help center, live chat, and analytics, all of which are paid add-ons if you were using Zendesk.
Zoho’s pricing is also all-inclusive, and the platform helps you reach your ROI quicker than its competitors. What’s more? There are proprietary Zoho Desk features that you won’t find in any other customer support management tool. Some of these features are Radar, Headquarters, and multi-department.

Why Choose QuakeCinch for Your Zoho Desk

Implementation and Support?

There are many Zoho partner agencies out there, and some will make unrealistic promises to you. As you browse the pages of some of these partners, you’d be able to tell that they’re more concerned about how many clients they can bring in than how well they can set up their clients for success.
QuakeCinch is different, and here are the things that stand us out from others:

Customer-focused services

Our mission at QuakeCinch is to understand your business goals and create an ecosystem that allows you to pursue those goals effectively and generate the desired results for your business. 

Expertise laced with experience

We have both the expertise and experience to help you create what works, having worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses. At QuakeCinch, our services are not limited to helping you utilize the functions and features of the Zoho Desk platform. 

Result-focused and personalized setup and configuration

We’ll go over and beyond to create processes that will help you leverage the software and configure it in a way that will help you get the best out of it based on what you need to succeed as a business in your industry.

To use Zoho Desk to your benefit, you need a configuration that takes into account your business goals, existing data, business size, audience type, business type, and current tech stack. Zoho Desk has different pricing stages tailored to match distinct business sizes and goals.

Your business might need advanced Zoho Desk features and integrations, or it might not. At QuakeCinch, we’ll help you tap into the features that matter and will see you achieve your desired results quickly and repeatedly drive success for you.

If you had previously hired a Zoho partner agency to configure your Zoho Desk account but the setup is not driving you the results you need and you believe you can get more from the platform than what they did for you, QuakeCinch can help you clean up your Zoho Desk dashboard and reconfigure it so the product works in a way that aligns with your business goals.

Continued customer support

At QuakeCinch, we walk the talk. We value customer relationships and you can rest assured that our team will be there to support you and help you take advantage of the latest Zoho Desk features and functions for your business success.

Extensive competitor migration

We also offer extensive competitor migration from pricey third-party software you currently use to the Zoho alternative. This way, we’ll help you select the right tech stack based on your business size, industry, and goals.

We’ll help you migrate from Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, and other pricey competitors and third-party software without you losing your data.

A smooth onboarding process

QuakeCinch is not just concerned about helping you set up your Zoho Desk account. We’ll also give you an onboarding tailored toward your team’s strengths and expertise.

This onboarding will allow you and your team members to understand how to leverage the personalized setup we made for you for your business’ success.

Setting up a basic Zoho Desk account is a walk in the park and you could decide to do it yourself. However, one thing small and medium-sized businesses often discover is that their setup and configuration aren’t bringing them the needed results.

Getting a certified Zoho Partner with years of experience on board will help you get the best Zoho Desk plan based on your business size, plans, data size, and goals.

Beyond selecting the best plan, QuakeCinch will also get you the setup and configuration that will help you generate meaningful results and ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.

Ready? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts now to get started with the first step!