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What’s The Place Of Zoho Social Network Marketing In A Holistic Inbound Marketing Strategy?

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TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest - social media platforms are quite the sensation nowadays.

They all have perks, with their varied features, audience type, among many other marketing-conscious factors.

Social network marketing has become a very worthwhile marketing method. On average, people spend 2 hours 40 minutes on social media. And that is a 161% increase in the average time spent on social media in 2012.

Now more than ever, social media platforms are becoming the reality for many people. Inbound marketing is customer-focused, and since it’s increasingly becoming easier to reach and connect with people on social media, this makes social media marketing an indispensable aspect of any serious inbound marketing strategy. 

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What Is Zoho Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing regroups the processes that involve content creation, audience engagement, and ads promotion of your product or service on social media platforms to attract and convert your target buyers.

Simply put, social media marketing is one of the many channels you can employ for your marketing. As with all marketing channels, you could go for the often intrusive outbound marketing method, or opt for the more sustainable and effective inbound marketing method.

If you have seen the value of inbound marketing and have opted for it, then, you need to learn what role social media marketing plays in your inbound marketing strategy.

Why Zoho Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing offers a range of opportunities for you to know how strong your social game is. Remember that social proof is one of the most effective marketing techniques?

If you have a solid social media marketing strategy, you will get to know what people think of your brand, what they think of your brand in relation to other brands, among other things.

Social media marketing is a solid way of building brand visibility. Get your brand out there. Help people know your brand. Sharpen your knowledge of brand archetypes and ensure that your content and tone are tailored towards your brand archetype. Through this, you can solidify your brand and amass a strong followership base.

You know, no matter how many contact forms you have on your website and how many feedback forms you put out, they can’t compare to the insights and feedback you’ll generate via social media platforms if you use them well.

The psychology behind this is simple: social media platforms are patterned after physical social gatherings where interactions and all take place. And, what happens at a social gathering? People feel free to talk; they feel secure among friends, family members and new acquaintances to give comments on their newest adventures, the newest product they tried out, among other things.

Simple Steps To Help You Succeed In Your Zoho Social Media Marketing Endeavors

Bring the brand word to the account name

Bring the brand word to the account name
Your account name is your business card in the social media network. When you share and participate on social media platforms, it is also the process of your business card being spread, so your account name must be able to represent your brand. In this way, you can build your brand visibility.

Create a brand group

Many social networks provide group sections, such as Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, among others. It is also recommended that you choose a social network with a group module when choosing a social network for marketing because the growth rate and brand-building benefits of groups are amazing. You can easily gather users with the same interests, and there will also be many opinion leaders. This makes a social media group a good marketing resource.

You need to cultivate your brand group and increase the popularity of the group through activities. After you have created your brand group, the members of this group will be the best channel for you to spread your brand. At the same time, as the popularity of your brand group continues to rise, the influence of your brand on the social platform will increase, thereby making more people get to know your brand.

One piece of advice you want to stick to when creating groups on social media is to ensure that you have purposes for creating the group and the purposes are clearly stated for all.

More contact with super users

On any social network, there will be some very concerned users. These concerned users are known as super users. If your brand can connect and build a relationship with super users, your brand’s growth and presence on social media will become phenomenal.

The way to contact super users is to first understand their points of interest, attract their attention by frequently uploading the latest info on topics in their area of interest. Once you can consistently do this, you will see their willingness to repost your content to their fans. This then increases your brand visibility. Then, it’s time to market to them. Once you market to them, the success rate will be much higher.

Understand the peculiarities and audience of each social media platform

Each social media platform has its peculiarities and audience behaviors, including industry impact, audience type, rate of activeness, engagement style, atmosphere, among others. To effectively market on a social media platform, you must first understand what the characteristics of the platform are, what topics can be well spread on it, the best ways of generating engagement and conversion via the platform, among other things.

When you have a sufficient understanding of the characteristics of these social networks, you can make targeted sharing and ensure that your sharing can be better spread.

Here’s an example: while Twitter is good for threads, long-form thought pieces are better on LinkedIn.

What Tools Do You Need For Successful Zoho Social Media Marketing?

Your choice of tools for social media marketing depends on your choice of the model for building an advertising campaign, the social media platform involved, and the tasks facing you as a marketer.

For example, there are three promotion models in social media marketing: working directly on social media platforms (SMM), optimization of external resources for effective integration into social media platforms (SMO), and targeted advertising.

Here are some of the tools available for social media marketing:

Content management

Content management is one of your main areas of focus. The quality of and contextual relevance of your content to the objectives of the advertising campaign and the needs of the target audience will determine the success of the use of other tools and the reality of achieving the desired result.

Community management

Community management tools are just as important as content management tools, as they help you to build strong connections and engage your audience. Quick responses to feedback from users, the ability to work with questions and negatives, stimulate discussions, etc., are the actions that are necessary for the effective management of communities on social media platforms.

Collaboration with well-known bloggers (thought leaders)

You also need collaboration with well-known bloggers, also called opinion leaders, to increase your prospects’ trust in your brand and increase your reach.


Advertising in various thematic groups or pages in the form of paid publications helps to speed up the process of expanding your coverage and converting the right type of leads. For this purpose, manual search or special exchanges are used, where you can select the subject of the group.


Games are very popular on social media platforms, and they can be leveraged for brand advertising and promotion of offers.

Promotional offers

Promotional offers or offers can be placed in the feed, offering participation in promotions and discounts. When such an offer is activated, the user’s friends receive a notification, which helps to inform the maximum number of users faster.


Widgets on sites do a good job of attracting new users to closed groups or the public, using traffic attracted from search engines.

The use of promoted resource

The use of an already promoted resource to promote a new one is called circular promotion. It can be on a closed group or open to the public in the same or even in another social network;


Contests, provided they are transparent and interesting, can seriously increase the audience of your page and increase user engagement and loyalty to the brand.

Joint cross-promotion

Joint cross-promotions can be used for brands that have the same target audience but are not competitors. In this case, advertising costs are reduced, and users receive a comprehensive offer.


Many social media platforms allow the use of hashtags. If used strategically, hashtags can help you attract new users and also influence the brand image across social media platforms.

Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts are becoming more popular and help to engage the target audience more strongly;

Site snippet optimization

Site snippet optimization is performed for optimal display of links to your resource in social services. The snippet may contain images, advertising, and other information that may be attractive;

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising is getting better every year, and it allows you to send messages to users based on the data posted on their profiles and pages.

Social media marketing tools, even if aimed at achieving a single goal, could help to solve several tasks. Among them are: increasing brand awareness and consumer loyalty, highlighting a company or brand, detuning from competitors, and, as a result, increasing sales of products or services.

As complex a web of processes as social media marketing is, you are more likely to navigate your way through it easily if you stuck a defined strategy. Social media is one of the best channels to leverage if you want a holistic and successful inbound marketing strategy.

Complex social media marketing processes can be simplified and better monitored via a marketing tool like Zoho.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

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