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zoho marketing automation implementation support and guidance

Get A Full Zoho Marketing Automation Setup To Scale Your Business

A minute of silence for all the time we have lost doing marketing manually!
What were we thinking, anyway? The manual method made sense in the days when it was just Facebook available on the social media sphere with few people and when email was opened only for work and official purposes.

Looking at the current reality with your leads scattered all over various social media channels, and people on their phones more than ever, automation should be the norm and not the exception.

The picture gets even more vivid for you if you run a small, micro, or medium-sized business. You are looking to scale your company without necessarily increasing your expenditures. Unfortunately, you are faced with the reality that passion alone is not enough. While the hard work will take you far, smart work will take you even further.

The fact we all have to admit is that, as humans, what we can do with the giant streams of data flowing around the internet is limited. It’s an instant world: instant messaging, instant delivery, one-click payment, instant news, and the list goes on. These are what characterize the day-to-day activities of your leads and prospects.

There’s no denying that your company can’t be available round the clock to attend to prospects, answer their questions, and nurture them. And that’s where marketing automation comes in.

In this piece, we will walk you through everything you need to get started on setting up the Zoho Marketing Automation app to tap into the data that matter.

Have you used and abandoned Zoho Marketing Automation? Or, perhaps you currently use Zoho but believe you’re not getting the best from your tech stack… Are you seriously considering getting a marketing automation tool and confused about which to pick? Read on to learn why Zoho Marketing Automation is the best for your business-scaling goals.

What Is Zoho Marketing Automation?

Zoho Marketing Automation is the superhero marketing software you wished came earlier to save the day. While some software tools were made with clear evidence the developers are not in touch with the reality of marketing, Zoho Marketing Automation was made with you in mind every step of the way.

You don’t need a new marketing tool – it’s a fad that has been perpetuated by greedy companies.. What you need is a tool that has all your marketing needs addressed in one platform.

You want to sit behind a master dashboard where you can get a holistic view of how your marketing campaigns are performing, which of your inbound channels is performing best, how effective your inbound lead nurturing strategy is. Zoho Marketing Automation helps you achieve just that.

The Features and Functions of the Zoho Marketing

Automation App

As a marketing tool that was borne out of deliberate efforts to do the heavy-lifting of manual marketing off your hands, Zoho Marketing Automation makes the delivery of a wholesome customer experience easy-peasy. Equipped with this tool, you will be able to achieve your marketing goals.

How does this software deliver on these promises? The powerful features this software has are responsible for that and we will take a deep dive into these features and what they can do for your business.


This is a feature that shows you the source of all your leads. It allows you to see which of your channels are bringing in a particular number of leads. So, what does this mean for your business?

It allows you to understand the interaction your prospects have with your inbound lead generating strategy. Putting your money into a particular channel without getting feedback on how it’s performing is similar to gambling. With the information from the touchpoints feature, you’ll be able to make informed, data-backed decisions.

Campaign Planner

There are three key elements of every successful campaign: the goal, the plan, and the results. Zoho Marketing Automation ensures the delivery of all in the same place so you don’t miss any essential part of the whole narrative.
That way, you don’t have a disconnected strategy for either individual campaigns or of how your campaigns are linked. This feature ensures all your metrics are organized into meaningful insights. You can see how each campaign is feeding into your goals, the goals you are hitting as well as the ones you are not hitting.
It also helps you paint an economical perspective for your campaigns as you can measure your ROI with ease. No need for punching some advanced formula into a calculator before you get have an idea of what your profits are looking like for each campaign.

Lead Generation

Picture the various channels you can your place lead magnets on. What if you don’t have to worry about how to collect these leads and manage them appropriately?
Zoho Marketing Automation offers you varying form mechanisms: smart pop-up, sign-up forms , and on-spot forms. With the Webinar Audience feature, you also get tools that help you organize the information from your webinars. So what can you do with all these?
Knowing that your lead magnets don’t become assets until they actively generate leads, you can rest assured of several assets if you create your lead magnets using Zoho Marketing Automation.
Zoho Marketing Automation helps you set meaningful CTAs that will ensure your marketing pipelines stay buzzing, be it visitors to your blog, prospects that want to download your ebook, or buyers on your e-commerce platforms. Zoho Marketing Automation helps you collect and manage the information properly.

Lead Nurturing

Marketing has grown to become a wholesome relationship between businesses and customers, and if you want to appear genuine to your customers, you have to put in the effort.
Lead nurturing will help you navigate the give-and-take terrain of this delicate relationship effectively, through timely, relevant, and personalized messages. You can do these with Zoho Marketing Automation;s automatic emails and SMS.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring in marketing is like the razor that facilitates effective decision-making. There are several qualities you need to consider to know the leads that are worth your efforts.
Zoho Marketing Automation will rate your leads based on the scores you’ve attached to each action you expect these leads to take and the criteria you’ve defined them by. This way, you can manage your resources appropriately. Actions such as interaction with email and social campaigns can be converted into insightful scores.

Lead Qualification

The ultimate destination of your leads is ideally conversion into sales and brand ambassadors. This is however not a simple journey that follows a single path. Several leads are usually at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Zoho Marketing Automation helps you categorize these leads and move them through the buyer’s journey once they have met the right criteria.
What this does for your business is that it simplifies a process that would have taken arduous spreadsheets and a lot of copy-pasting.

Lead Insights

Data is good, but it’s not helpful when you don’t know what to do with them or what each means to your business. Lead Insights allow you to get a holistic overview of your leads, their growth, and how everything connects to your ultimate goals and objectives.
With this, you are no longer drowned in the pool of mindless numbers. With a tool that connects all the dots for you, you are equipped to go have a richer overview of your marketing efforts.


Visualization of your data comes easy with Zoho Marketing Automation through its detailed presentation of information. This cuts through socials, email, websites as well as e-commerce.
With periodical reports, you can easily track what you are doing right and the ones that are not performing as much.

Why Do You Need Zoho Marketing Automation For Your Business?

In the era of big data when data has become one of the most priced commodities out there, automation is the efficient way to jump into the trend and make the most of it. With a large shift occurring in our media consumption and usage, it’s a no-brainer to invest in tools that will help you attend to the needs of prospects that have increased interest in digital channels. Here are key reasons why you need Zoho Marketing Automation for your business:

Boost Productivity

Recent reports have shown that the marketing automation industry will hit $4.3 billion in 2027. However, this isn’t enough reason to get into it. The real question should be: why is the industry booming? This is due to the effectiveness of the tools in helping marketers handle the peculiarities of marketing of today.
With the ability to increase sales productivity by 14.5%, every marketer would embrace such potential and you should too. Let Zoho Marketing Automation catapult you into success.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

When you know the channels that are converting your leads and the ones that are not, it becomes easy to modify your funnels for optimum delivery. Insights from the touchpoints show you the areas of your marketing strategy you need to double down on and what areas you need to adjust or remove.

Manage Your Budget Appropriately

Access to data has ensured every business owner doesn’t have to spend frivolously on campaigns with no potential for lead conversion. Through Zoho Marketing Automation, you’ll see your best-performing and be able to identify identify where you should put your money and the channels you need to dial down the budget.

Integrate API

The world of marketing is an ever-evolving one. Therefore, it is wise to create an avenue that lets you adapt to the introduction of new tools. Zoho Marketing Automation allows you to do this via its ability to integrate with different APIs. With this, you can always solidify your efforts in marketing

Win with Personalization

As your leads move through the buyer’s journey, it’s self-sabotage to think you can manually monitor them. With Zoho Marketing Automation, you will not only be able to monitor your leads but think ahead with auto-responses that give the impression that you stay with your leads at every point of their journey. You can also send messages that perfectly fit the status of your prospects and they feel understood.

What Are The Competitors of Zoho Marketing Automation?

Mailchimp All-in-one Marketing Platform, HubSpot Marketing Hub, MarketingCampaign, and Salesforce Account Engagement are some of the competitors of Zoho Marketing Automation that are out there. However, Zoho Marketing Automation stands out with its multi-channel features. This allows you to aggregate all your marketing strategies in one place.

Furthermore, Zoho Marketing Automation gives you an easier path to reaching your ROI, for way cheaper than these competitors.

Why choose QuakeCinch for your Zoho Marketing Automation implementation, support and guidance?

There are many Zoho partner agencies out there, and some will make unrealistic promises to you. As you browse the pages of some of these partners, you’d be able to tell that they’re more concerned about how many clients they can bring in than how well they can set up their clients for success.
QuakeCinch is different, and here are the things that stand us out from others:

Customer-focused services

Our mission at QuakeCinch is to understand your business goals and create an ecosystem that allows you to pursue those goals effectively and generate the desired results for your business.

Expertise laced with experience

We have both the expertise and experience to help you create what works, having worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses. At QuakeCinch, our services are not limited to helping you utilize the functions and features of the Zoho Marketing Automation app.

Result-focused and personalized setup and configuration

We will go above and beyond to create processes that will help you leverage the software and configure it in a way that will help you get the best out of it based on what you need to succeed as a business in your industry.
The thing is, Zoho has a plethora of features, and not all businesses need all the features of Zoho Marketing Automation. At QuakeCinch, we will help you tap into the features that will help you achieve your desired results quickly and repeatedly drive success for you.
If you had previously hired a Zoho partner agency to configure your Zoho Marketing Automation account but the setup is not driving you the results you need and you believe you can get more from the platform than what they did for you, QuakeCinch can help you clean up your Zoho Marketing Automation dashboard and reconfigure it so the product works in a way that aligns with your business goals.

Continued customer support

At QuakeCinch, we walk the talk. We value customer relationships and you can rest assured that our team will be there to support you and help you take advantage of the latest Zoho Marketing Automation features for your business success.

Extensive competitor migration

We also offer extensive competitor migration from pricey third-party software you currently use to the Zoho Marketing Automation alternative, such as migrating from HubSpot Sales Hub to Zoho CRM or QuickBooks to Zoho Books

A smooth onboarding process

QuakeCinch is not just concerned about helping you set up your Zoho Marketing Automation account. We will also give you an onboarding tailored toward your team’s strengths and expertise.
This onboarding will allow you and your team members to understand how to use leverage the personalized setup we made for you for your business’ success.
You can delve into the world of Zoho Marketing Automation and try to make sense of it yourself. However, getting a certified Zoho partner with years of experience on board will help you get the best Zoho Marketing Automation plan based on your business size, plans, data size, and goals.
Beyond selecting the best plan, it will also get you the setup and configuration that will help you generate meaningful results and ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.
Ready? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts now to get started with the first step!