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Discovering Your Superpower In Email Marketing With A Zoho CRM And Constant Contact Integration

Personalized messages can be the ultimate decider of life and death at a crucial moment.

Imagine a man suddenly slumped at the train station, and his friend is calling for help. He calls for minutes unending – yet, help doesn’t come. Interestingly, it’s one of the busiest train stations in their city, and hundreds of people have passed by within that time frame.

What happened? Why didn’t the man and his friend get the help they needed? The reason is this: they fell victims to The Bystander Effect.

The Bystander Effect is a psychological situation where people are less willing to help when a general call is put out – because they believe others received the call too and someone else would help.

On the other hand, the unconscious man and his friend stand a higher chance of getting help if they direct their plea to a specific passenger or passerby.

Zoho and Constant Contact Integration Hero

This stands to prove the superpower that lies in targeted and personalized messaging. It can also be the secret weapon you need to rescue your marketing strategy from failing.

In today’s digital world, there’s so much information and content to consume – way more than we’ve ever encountered – from email newsletters, to blog posts, explainer videos, you name them! One way we humans have devised to cope with the infamous information overload is to filter the noise and pick what we consider as most important and aligned to what we need.

As a brand, this means your messages can either be two things: important or part of the noise.

As this reality continues to dawn on brands and businesses, there is a continuing shift towards inbound marketing – a marketing methodology that focuses on satisfying your users, leads, and prospects’ content needs as a way of converting them.

At the core of your inbound marketing’s lead nurturing strategy is email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing emerged from the ancient craft of salesmanship. It’s crafted to mimic the one-on-one impression a salesperson that knows exactly what you need will leave on you.

The difference between a salesperson and email marketing is that not all emails are designed to sell. Some are created primarily to inform or educate the recipients. Ultimately, email marketing is meant to help you attract and nurture your leads till the point of conversion.

What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

Build Relationships

Effective marketing isn’t about bombarding your prospects with annoying ads. Effective marketing is an art – and at its core is the need to build a healthy relationship with your prospects and leads.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of every human relationship, is an exchange of value and mutual interest. You can effectively use email marketing as the channel through which you’ll directly exchange interests with your prospects and leads. Statistics state that 90% of customers check their emails daily – with this, you can rest assured that your open and click-through rates will remain high if you follow best practices.

Lead Nurturing

Emails are also a great way to share content and information that make life easier for your leads. Content such as entertainment or how-tos will endear your brand to your prospects and earn you loyalty and industry authority.

Email drip campaigns can help you effectively nurture your leads and convert them into paying customers.

E-commerce companies also opt for abandoned cart email campaigns targeted at leads who were at the point of getting converted.

Although about 69% of online carts are abandoned, e-commerce brands who opt for abandoned cart email campaigns convert 25% of their targets, on average. That’s yet another powerful way of deploying email marketing.

Make Product Announcements

Cleaning and segmenting your email list will ensure that the right people get your emails. This is invaluable to your email marketing strategy and overall marketing, especially when launching a new product or modifying existing ones.

The internet is the graveyard of many great products today simply because words about them didn’t get to the right audience. Email marketing can be that effective amplifier you need to get words out there.

Why Do Emails Convert?

Seeing as email marketing has an ROI of 3, 600%, it’s no gainsaying that every serious brand needs to take this form of marketing seriously. While email marketing’s ROI is a glamorous metric, it’s also important to understand the reason behind this number. Having this knowledge will help you make the most of email marketing and craft how your strategies can fit in. Why do emails convert?

Wide Adoption

As of 2020, there are about 4 billion email users, and this figure is touted to rise exponentially. This makes email a platform with a wide audience – thus, the chances are high that your target customers are active email users.

Campaign Monitor’s survey shows that consumers prefer the email channel for consumer-brand communication. The wide adoption of emails gives you an advantage once you master how to engage, nurture, and convert leads via email.


Many email marketing tools like Constant Contact have features that allow you to group your contacts according to different attributes and metrics. This can either be the stage they are in their buyer’s journey, the preference of service, geolocation, how well they engage your emails, among others.

Segmentation gives you the ability to send messages that are tailored right to each lead’s needs and identity. This makes your leads feel they are not mere numbers to you and that you care about their interests. The ability to show your leads that they matter will significantly boost their trust in your brand and help you better convert them into paying customers.


As your contact list grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your email marketing manually. And that’s when automated workflows come in.

For instance, Constant Contact provides you with automated workflow features. These can be sign-up confirmation, welcome messages, or an automated drip campaign that nurtures and converts new leads.

Automated workflows help you understand your customers and the actions they’ll likely take as they progress through the buyer’s journey. It’s a proactive way of meeting your customer’s content needs at each stage of their journey, by envisioning what they’d need.

Integrating Constant Contact And Zoho CRM For A Better Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Although Zoho Marketing Automation is our preferred email marketing and automation tool, Constant Contact is yet another email marketing tool you should consider for the ease of managing your email marketing campaigns.

Integrating Constant Contact with Zoho CRM strengthens your email marketing and contact management game, thereby helping you to significantly improve your conversion rate. What are the benefits of integrating Constant Contact with Zoho CRM?

Extended Features Effectively Managed in Zoho

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that has extended features such as audience targeting, calendar management, channel management, email distribution, email reminders, event marketing, lead nurturing, lead qualification, location tracking, among other important features.

Thus, integrating your Constant Contact account with Zoho CRM will give you the opportunity to fully put these features to use.

Elimination of Manual Entry of Data

Integration of Zoho CRM with Constant Contact saves you the hassle of multiple data entries. Moving data from one platform to the other can lead to data loss which can undermine your efforts. Syncing both platforms ensures you have up-to-date data of your prospects.

Market Strategy Optimization

There are always two sides to a website: the backend and the frontend. While the frontend serves as the point of contact for your prospects, the backend provides the functionality.

Connecting your customers’ data on these two platforms can give you a similar operation where Constant Contact serves as the point of interaction with customers while Zoho CRM performs the function of managing your contacts.

Real-time Monitoring

We can also liken Zoho CRM and Constant Contacts to two sides of the same coin. Their complementary actions ensure there is a holistic follow-up on your customers, which prevents loss of leads as they move through your sales funnel.

A Zoho CRM-Constant Contact integration ensures you have an in-depth understanding of your customer and their needs concerning their progress in the buyer’s journey.

Integrating Zoho With Constant Contact Using SyncApps

SyncApps, an integration tool by Cazoomi, is our top choice when it comes to integrating Zoho CRM with your Constant Contact account.

This CRM tool allows you to seamlessly sync your data from both platforms for cross-operations fluidity across marketing, sales, and customer relations.

SyncApps offers full Zoho CRM-Constant Contact integration that gives you the leverage you need to consistently grow your sales revenue and generate excellent ROI on your marketing efforts.

Although setting up a full CRM-inclusive email marketing platform has numerous benefits, the implementation process is neither easy nor quick. Thus, it may be a better option for you to integrate your Constant Contact with Zoho CRM, instead of opting for a full Zoho suite inclusive of Zoho Campaigns and other Zoho marketing automation apps.

A Constant Contact-Zoho CRM integration is quicker and allows you to easily deal with specific issues, as against a full setup.

Getting the tools is only one step towards driving the email marketing results you desire. Knowing how to effectively use the integration of these tools is the final step you need to take.

Advice and guidance from experts with proven experience driving results for businesses like yours will greatly contribute to how successful your email marketing would be, going forward.

Need tried and tested steps on how to effectively use a Zoho-Constant Contact integration to your benefit? Reach out to our team of experts today!

There is no limit to the things you can create with the Constant Contact for Zoho CRM integration! Better campaigns, unparalleled insights, bidirectional data flows, cooperation between departments

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

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