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Zoho Marketing Strategies

What’s your marketing strategy? Do you send emails every other week and create social media posts once a month?

Perhaps you make some good sales – so, you’ve not really considered having a marketing strategy…
The thing is: having a solid Zoho inbound marketing strategy will help you optimize your processes and bring you multiple folds of your current sales rate and revenue.

A solid Zoho inbound marketing strategy has content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing at its core. With these three marketing components, you’ll learn to attract visitors to your website, capture them as leads, nurture them to maturation, convert them into paying customers, and delight them so they retain you as a brand they’re loyal to.

A solid Zoho marketing strategy also deploys marketing automation, behavioral marketing, lead generation strategy, and marketing attribution to target the right category of people, automate your processes, and efficiently move leads through the different stages of the buyer’s journey.

These Zoho marketing strategies – among others – are strategies you can merge to formulate a solid and result-focused inbound marketing strategy for your company while managing and automating processes using Zoho’s powerful software tools.

Zoho Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the end-to-end process every eventual buyer goes through, from the first moment they come into contact with your website, till they make their first purchase. The buyer’s journey has 3 stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Not all web visitors eventually become buyers. Thus, an understanding of the buyer’s journey and how to create a customer journey map to suit your prospects’ projected buyer’s journey will help you optimize the results of your inbound marketing efforts.

You can create and monitor your customer journey map using Zoho.

Zoho Progressive Profiling

Through progressive profiling, you can systematically collect customers’ data over time to create a wholesome profile of each customer. The purpose of implementing progressive profiling is to enlighten you on customers’ needs. Understanding these needs would help you reposition your business to help your clients out on those needs.

Thus, progressive profiling gives you an understanding of your customers’ needs and a means of repositioning your offers to meet that exact need, thereby generating the best results for your marketing efforts.
There are tried and tested strategies for progressive profiling. You need a deep understanding of it to make it work for you.

Zoho Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing is a marketing strategy that sticks to the ideals of inbound marketing. With behavioral marketing, you can create a digital identity for each customer and tailor your advertising efforts towards their preferences.

Behavioral marketing will help you to continually delight your prospects, even beyond the prospecting stage to when they become your customers. Thus, you won’t only convert them, you will also be able to retain them as customers and brand loyalists.
Behavioral marketing is a data-driven strategy to help you improve your personalized marketing – which will, in turn, boost your inbound marketing results.

Zoho Marketing Personalization

Marketing personalization involves marketing activities through which your brand connects with each prospect on a personal level. Through marketing personalization, you can cement prospects’ trust in your brand, therefore making them more prone to follow through with your CTAs and become your paying customers.
Marketing personalization endears your prospects to your brand and helps them become more receptive to your offers.

Learn more about how you can deploy marketing personalization.

Zoho Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing is yet another way to strengthen your marketing personalization strategy. You can strengthen how much you personalize each of your prospects’ experiences using contextual marketing. 

It involves the creation of lifecycle stages, syncing your buyer personas with your lifecycle stages, and using smart content.

Contextual marketing is essential to your inbound marketing efforts because it helps ensure that you’re not only marketing to the right people, but also saying the appropriate thing to them.

You can do opt for a contextual marketing strategy using Zoho.

Zoho Lead Scoring Strategy

Lead scoring is essential to your inbound marketing because it allows you to rank your prospects based on their level of interaction with your marketing efforts. Thus, you would have knowledge of the prospects to focus on and intensify your marketing with and also the prospects that are not worth the efforts.

The use of a lead scoring strategy will help you maximize the potential results of your efforts.

Want to learn how to use the lead scoring feature and create a lead scoring strategy that aligns with your inbound marketing strategy?

Zoho Lead Generation Strategy

Creating an inbound-inclined lead generation strategy is one of the things that will set you up for success in your inbound marketing journey. Lead generation is at the heart of your marketing – it’s through it that you determine the kind of clients you end up with.

Thus, creating an inbound lead generation strategy will see you generate leads that are genuinely interested in the solutions your business has to offer – thus making nurturing and conversion smooth.

The kind of leads you generate will determine the kind of clients you will have – which can greatly impact what other people think of your business and whether they would be willing to do business with you.

How do you create an inbound lead marketing strategy?

Zoho Customer Lifecycle Stages

Customer lifecycle stages are a means of organizing your marketing efforts by segmenting your contacts based on the stage they’re in your marketing and sales funnels. Customer lifecycle stages can help you envision what’s next for each contact and how to get them to the next stage.

You can create lifecycle stages in Zoho and set triggers that would help transition your prospects automatically from one stage to the other, till they become recurring paying customers.

How do you do that effectively?

Zoho Campaign Management Strategy

You need a campaign management strategy to conceptualize, plan, implement, automate, and track your inbound marketing campaigns. To run successful inbound marketing campaigns, you need to define your goals, audience, and message.
Automation and management of several marketing campaigns need a sound knowledge of a marketing tool like Zoho. A campaign management strategy will help you be more effective and productive with your marketing campaigns.

Zoho Customer Segmentation Strategy

Customer segmentation helps you group your contacts along some mutual lines such as demography and psychography. Demographic or psychographic data influence buying decisions. A product that appeals to Gen Z may not appeal to baby boomers. 

Thus, it’s important for you to understand the importance of customer segmentation and how to create segments for your customers. The beauty of marketing tools like Zoho is that you can automate your segmentation processes and create segment-based marketing campaigns.

How do you tap into the usefulness of customer segmentation?

Zoho Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are wholesome descriptions of your ideal clients, using gathered data. Buyer personas help you gain insights into who your ideal customers are, what their preferences and habits are, among other things.

Based on these pieces of information, you can center your inbound marketing around your prospects, earn their trust, and convert them into paying customers. Also, buyer personas will help you deliver the appropriate content and appeal to your prospects in a perfect way.

Zoho offers you an opportunity to create buyer personas and strengthen your inbound marketing game for maximum results.

Zoho Lead Engagement Strategy

Inbound marketing is a more sustainable way of consistently generating massive results on your marketing investments. However, it requires patience and intentionality.

Why? Because inbound isn’t desperate and mischievous. You don’t force your prospects; you make them love your brand and product offering. And that’s why lead engagement is essential to the success of your inbound marketing strategy.

You need to have a multi-channel means of exchanging communication with your prospects with the aim of building a lasting relationship with them. Lead engagement goes beyond lead nurturing. It includes receiving feedback; social listening – in essence, making your leads know they’re important.

Want to learn how to create an all-encompassing lead engagement strategy?

Zoho S.M.A.R.T Goals

For you to run a successful inbound marketing strategy, you need to create SMART inbound marketing goals. It’s through these SMART goals that you’ll formulate the metrics for measuring your success.

Having specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound marketing goals will help your team stay focused and energized to stay productive and help you drive massive results for your inbound marketing strategy.

Click below to learn more on how to create SMART inbound marketing goals and set metrics for measuring your success.

Zoho Lead Nurturing Strategy

Want to convert more qualified leads through your inbound marketing strategy? Then, you need to learn to create a lead nurturing strategy.

Lead nurturing is the process of giving the right content, at the right time, to your converted leads so that over time, they become mature enough for conversion into paying customers.

Lead nurturing is salient to the success of your inbound marketing. You cannot increase your sales revenue or expand your customer base if you don’t understand how to nurture leads.

How do you formulate a lead nurturing strategy?

Zoho Growth Hacking Strategy

One reason many people run away from the inbound methodology is that it takes time and needs patience. Results don’t come suddenly! However, creating and implementing a growth hacking strategy can help you fast-track the success of your inbound marketing strategy.

Growth hacking is a means of using the least resources and time to generate optimal results for your inbound. At the heart of your growth hacking strategy is data.

Want a growth hacking strategy to help you fast-track the results of your inbound marketing strategy?

Zoho Conversational Growth Strategy

A conversational growth strategy helps you simulate a conversational channel with your website visitors, you can deliver content in a consistent and relationship-focused manner. This helps potential customers feel valued by the brand because they are having a one-on-one conversation with your company.

You need to understand the elements of a conversational growth strategy and how to piece those elements together to generate the right results.

Want to know the key elements of a successful email marketing strategy?

Zoho Contact Management Strategy

Contact management involves how you classify and handle your contacts. It’s important to have a contact management strategy for your inbound marketing because your contacts are your everything – prospects, leads, customers, and even loyalists.

Having a contact management strategy will help you understand how to manage the relationships you have with the different categories of your contacts and how to ensure that your contact list has only active and valuable contacts.

Confused about how to create the right contact management strategy for your inbound marketing?

Zoho Account-based Management Strategy

An account-based marketing strategy can help you generate revenue and build a solid clientele base 5x faster than any other marketing approach. It can also keep help you work more efficiently, as it limits and cuts excesses out, patching you with the right fit for your business from the outset.

ABM has step-by-step processes to help you simplify sophisticated marketing automation techniques to help you act appropriately on information that relates to the account.

With account-based marketing, you can target the accounts best tailored towards your inbound marketing strategy and experience enhanced results.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

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