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How To Create An Efficient Zoho Lead Scoring Strategy As An Inbound Marketer

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Lead scoring is a methodology used by many sales reps and marketers to help them identify and sort leads into two categories.

Both of these categories are essentially the only way to classify leads and to help you determine which leads are worth pursuing or nurturing and which leads should be ignored.

Wouldn’t it be provoking and a waste of your time to feed a lion with grass? It’s the same thing trying to offer a product or service to the wrong crowd. You would essentially give too much effort for little to no result.

Lead scoring is a tried and tested solution that helps you determine which leads are worth your time and which aren’t.

Simply said, lead scoring is not easily done. When creating an efficient lead scoring system, your lead scoring model of choice determines your approach to creating a leadership strategy. Here are six popular lead scoring models you could replicate:

6 Zoho Lead Scoring Models Based on the Type of Collected Data

One of the important ways to properly score leads is by using the data provided by past leads as a prototype to create a value system. Usually, this means you’d compare clients who patronize or patronized you to find out what these clients have in common. It also means looking at leads that never patronized you to find the attributes they have in common and why they never patronized you.

Using these data can only drive you to develop various lead scoring models. And the top 6 models you could create based on the information that can be collected are:

Company's Information

Online Behavior

Social Media Engagement

Demographic Information

Spam's Detection

Email's Engagement

The collected data can move from massive to small, varying widely, depending on the right model for your business.

Lead scoring is generally a grading system that allows you to assign numbers to leads. It helps you rank these leads from most promising to the least promising.

Here's How You Can Create An Efficient Zoho Lead Scoring Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

Define your customers’ choice

Lead scoring is always about uncovering who your customers are. It can start with understanding what motivates your customer to buy from you. As a result, the first step towards setting up your lead scoring system is defining your customer criteria.

Customer criteria or customers’ choice for lead scoring should be non-flexible. Since you know what works or have a rough idea of why your customers patronize you, picking the criteria can be a cakewalk for you.

Write out these criteria to the letter and only include factors essential to your ideal audience.

Know your customers’ behavior processes

Driving more sales or any growth hack can sometimes involve playing the devil’s advocate, which means trying to see your offer from the perspective of your prospective clients. You need to know and understand how your clients think, what they think, and how often they think.

When you can denote how your clients think, you’d be able to predict their thought and behavioral process. And as a result, you can lay offers where your clients would find them.

Customers’ behaviors are very sporadic and cannot always be rightly predicted from blind guesses. Most times, their interaction with e-mails and social media can reveal the behavioral and thinking pattern of your clients. Understanding how many of your emails get opened, what links they click, and how interested they are in what you constantly engage them with is one way to go about it.

Choose a point value for each client’s actions

Knowing where each action would rank on your scoreboard is the right way to get started. Your grading system could use a value of 1-10, offering lesser value numbers for less promising leads and assigning higher values for potentially promising leads.

For example, you could value leads visiting your website for a value number between 1-3. Technically it’s nothing special as there are several reasons that lead to visiting your blog. As a result, there’s no guarantee that these web visitors would convert. But you cannot say the same for web visitors that immediately contacted or reached out to the sales rep after reading your blogs. These prospects are potentially more promising, and there’s a better chance they’d covert into regular clients. As a result, assigning a value of 7-9 to them is a great idea.

Make a rulebook of the grading systems, and it should contain how you intend to award marks to each category of client and why. Distribute these points accordingly.

Set minimum qualifications for each point distribution

Choose a minimum score that qualifies leads into the category of product qualified leads qualified prospects or prospects that deserves your attention. These scores would determine if a prospect can get any more special privileges reserved for the acquired customers.

Having a grading system that you can trust for sorting your clients removes the issue of wasted efforts and helps you better invest your time in profitable ventures.

Make use of lead scoring tools

Lead scoring tools are great for tracking your leads and their performance. Manual documentation and keeping track of your prospects or leads can be done when starting your business. However, it would be very hard to keep up with these data as your business grows. So, having an automated lead scoring system can help sort and make logical inferences from the set of available information or data.

CRMs like Zoho are built with a lead scorer. This would give you the choice of enabling your criterion and matching grades for it.

To create an efficient and effective lead scoring strategy, you understand why you need a lead scoring system and how much it truly helps in looking for more clients and for early-stage adaptation to the promising client.

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