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Why Zoho Marketing Analytics Is A Must-Have For Your Zoho Inbound Marketing Strategy

According to, every dollar spent on inbound marketing guarantees 3X more lead than any existing outbound marketing strategy or any other marketing strategy for that matter.

What’s even more intriguing is that there are ways you can improve on your inbound marketing strategy to increase its effectiveness in securing more prospects. Marketing analytics is one such way.

Marketing analytics helps you better understand what works in your strategy and what doesn’t. It includes running customer surveys and campaigns to help you revisit how you operate and measure your performance as a business model.

Many businesses today are in dire need of reliable marketing analytics, but they don’t know this. If you’ve ever run a marketing campaign that underperformed, then you’d have wondered what went wrong with the whole setting. Did you ever find an answer?

 Well, maybe you did find an inaccurate answer. The truth is that only marketing analytics can help you find the right solution to whatever went wrong with your marketing intel.

What is Zoho marketing analytics, and why is it important?

As technologies continue to evolve, so do we need to understand, implement and decide how much of its positive impact we want to influence our businesses.

 CMOS are starting to see the need to allocate budget to understand and analyze their marketing performance. Recent surveys have also predicted that the revenue spent on a better marketing approach will grow by 200% in three years.

 Marketing analytics has been a way to get the best of both worlds. With it, businesses can finally take off the mask and look intently into what motivates their clients to make the appropriate buying decision.

 Think about it for a minute: if you can figure out what your clients are looking for by analyzing your marketing approach and clients’ response to that approach, wouldn’t that give you the power to make better marketing strategies and generate better results?

3 Reasons Why Zoho Marketing Analytics Is Crucial For Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

There’s no doubt that marketing analytics is great and measurably crucial to your marketing strategies and goals. It can help you make better strategies and marketing models that are effective and rewarding. It can also help your businesses in these three ways:

It helps you identify successes, areas of opportunity and leverage

Marketing analytics helps identify which strategies are yielding and which aren’t. This would, in turn, help you make reliable inferences from your successes and failed attempts.

The ability to learn from your successes and uncover your sweet spot of opportunities will help you plan better for future prospecting. Analytics can show you exactly how your marketing campaigns are effectively generating a conversion. It will show which of these campaigns create more leads or which of your landing pages converts better.

In essence, analytics will not just show you where the leads are coming from but also offer you the potential opportunity that converts and can help drive and develop future business opportunities.

0Using analytics, you could also test your future campaign metrics to see how well they will perform and to see if there’s a problem with the model or if it’s ready-to-launch inbound marketing with promising results.

It helps you benchmark

No business sets out without plans and targets. Every company has a benchmark. So, the problem didn’t have a model; it had a suitable benchmark.

You never can tell how much of a result your campaign efforts would yield, but with the help of marketing analytics, you can make precise predictions based on past results.

Having a suitable benchmark helps you make accurate and informed inbound marketing decisions. Benchmarking can also work both ways for you. More than just setting benchmarks for your campaign and campaign result, you can also plan and benchmark against competitors.

Do you want to discover how well you are doing amongst your competitors? Or do you want to find out where you are ranking in terms of social media followers and website ranking?

You can also analyze your competitor’s results and get insights into their prospecting for clients and how well they’ve performed. That information would help you make an even more informed decision and succeed where your competitions failed

Finding New Business Opportunities

Finding fresh business opportunities is incredibly always good for business. But finding them isn’t enough to make you a business mogul. Thus, you need the advantage of identifying which of these opportunities is suitable for you.

Time is always an asset to business owners, so, identifying the “dirt gold” early enough is even more critical for your business. It’ll make sure you are focused on the right potential lead and help you get prepared for it.

With the help of marketing analytics data, you could find out the keyword driving new leads to your website. Assuming it’s a keyword you didn’t know about, then you can turn it into a point of contact and make sure your best content revolves around it.

How To Implement Zoho Marketing Analytics In Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketing analytics benefits organizational marketing initiatives on a multi-channel. As an enterprise, you should consider its applications and decide how it best serves your business and purpose. You might get stuck and become uncertain about implementing it into your work and business approach. Here’s a simple guide on how to implement marketing analytics into your inbound marketing strategy:

Understand search engine marketing

Search engines are usually where the big market is. Most prospects start the journey of looking for a solution from there. Over the years, businesses have learned how to prospect using search engines to target their clients.

That hasn’t changed; however, there is a better approach. With analytic tools like Google Analytics integrated with your marketing tool like Zoho, you can trail relevant KPIs and analyze SEO initiatives that would come in handy for your prospecting.

Analyze social media engagement

Everybody is on social media. Businesses and prospects alike. Proper use of these tools can put a trade right before a prospect. For most companies, social media has turned into a primary marketing channel. It gets the businesses to interact with their prospects and engage them. Like Google, these social media have tools like Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insight that help companies emulate audience engagement for their products.

These can also be integrated with your marketing tool like Zoho to understand the social media behaviors of your prospects and make better plans for their awareness, consideration, and decision stages so as to convert them.
Need help creating a marketing analytics strategy that works for you? Want to learn how to integrate marketing analytics tools into your marketing tools for a holistic inbound marketing strategy? Would you be willing to let experts guide you through it? Yes? Then, reach out to us via the link below.

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