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Creating a Zoho Lead Engagement Strategy to generate amazing inbound marketing results

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Inbound marketing seems illogical to a mind that’s not been initiated into the world of inbound marketing and the promise of massive returns it holds. More so, it might seem ridiculous to the natural instincts of a marketer to spend 80% of their marketing efforts talking about other things other than selling. Indeed, it seems counterintuitive to put what you want the most (which is sales) last, while putting what strangers – your web visitors – want first. However, the numbers do not lie, as studies have shown that inbound is king when it comes to marketing.

Admittedly though, you will have to invest patience and intentionality before you can get your reward from inbound marketing. However, inbound marketing is a more sustainable way of consistently generating returns on your marketing investments.

At the heart of inbound marketing is the leads. Why so? The reason is simple: inbound rules state that you create processes, and then allow your leads to willingly come for your offer by trailing those processes. You don’t go actively searching for leads.

Thus, you must bring in your a-game when it comes to generating leads. Beyond generating leads, you must also have a solid lead engagement strategy so you

What is Zoho Lead Engagement?

Lead engagement is an umbrella term for the activities you engage in in the process of nurturing your leads to maturation, and eventual conversion. It’s essentially the nutrient you add at every point of the way in the buyer’s journey to foster your relationship with your leads and also ensure they have an easy passage to the next stage.

Lead engagement goes beyond giving – it also involves receiving. Communication is a two-way thing. Thus, communication that’s expected to foster trust must meet all the requirements of good communication. You won’t be speaking to your leads via various forms of content alone – you would also actively listen to what they have to say and even encourage them to voice out.

Thus, lead engagement is a broad term that encompasses social listening, email marketing, webform creation, content marketing, among other aspects of marketing.

An understanding of what lead engagement marketing is and the components of lead engagement marketing will help you gain insights into how to make lead engagement work for you.

The Components Of A Successful Zoho Lead Engagement Strategy

What are the must-haves of a successful lead engagement strategy? We’ll consider them in detail. This is important because you have to position the value you are offering where your prospects can find it. You’ll also have to consider which channel is better suited for each type of lead. These are some common channels to reach your target audience:


For leads that are already aware of what your brand stands for, email is a good option to send them more information - think of webinar announcements or newsletters. Lead engagement via email remains one of the most effective ways of keeping in contact with your leads and nurturing them into maturation for conversion. One major advantage of email is that you can create personalized messages that make each lead feel special and uniquely connected to your brand.

Ads and Ads Retargeting

Compared to other channels, ads demand you spend a considerable amount of money to implement. By implication, you have to ensure you get a good return on your investment. One way to secure your returns is to target prospects that have interacted with your brand at any point in time.

Don’t make it look creepy, so the prospects won’t opt out of seeing your ads. You can make it simple yet valuable. An example is sending coupon notifications or a discount for a prospect that has added an item to their cart but hasn't made a purchase. 68% of marketers are now increasingly exploring retargeting ads because it delivers.


Blogs are also efficient in engaging your contacts. You could contribute value to them and also create a community of avid followers, with loyalty points to boot. With effective SEO techniques, you could get your blog to rank high for keywords in your niche. You can then tailor your call-to-actions along with the content on the blog. According to Semrush, it is one of the most effective channels to market your content

Social Media

A large percentage of the online audience spends most of their time on social media these days. It is therefore a wise move to take your message right where your target customers can be found. Find creative ways to join the trends and conversations. Use diverse media to share your message with clear CTAs to ensure consistency.

Product Trials

The mind of a potential buyer is a minefield of doubts and uncertainties. The best way to allay all these is to give proof of what your product can do at no cost to the lead. Rather than telling how fantastic your product is, why not just show the prospect. Of course, this doesn't mean you’re giving all the value away, some brands offer a week trial while others offer a month. A capped attempt or limited features are also options you can explore.

Managing all the requirements necessary for a fruitful lead engagement strategy is a painstaking process. It requires you to be meticulous and dedicated.

Engaging 10 customers might not cause you to break a sweat, but as you expand your reach and the number increases, it might get overwhelming. The key to executing your lead engagement strategy with well-defined goals is using marketing tools that can make your work easier and more flexible.

Click this link to learn how you can create and manage a lead engagement strategy using Zoho.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

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