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Zoho Progressive Profiling Strategy Is A Must For Your Inbound Marketing Moves

Progressive profiling can mean different things to different people. However, we can all agree that it means collating more data about your clients. It involves using a questionnaire or form-filling approach to understand your audience better and suitably offer a product that perfectly suits their most pressing need.

Creating a personalized experience for your customer is only possible with their data in hand. But it doesn’t end with having or collecting their data. You need to own a systematic and objective approach to upgrade these data.

Regardless of how much you want to, you can’t continue to hit them with long query forms. That’s an ineffective way to go about profiling your customers. It’s also tiring, and customers would rather watch a cute cat video on TikTok. The only way you get the information you need to create that jaw-dropping personalized experience is with a systematic and progressive approach that builds and collects customers’ data and information one step at a time.

Let’s help you understand what progressive profiling is and how you could fully implement it to your benefit.

Understanding Zoho Progressive Profiling Strategies

By definition, progressive profiling is a more straightforward approach to questioning your clients. The purpose of implementing progressive profiling is to enlighten you on customers’ needs. Understanding these needs would help you reposition your business to help your clients out on those needs.

Having such information gives your business an upper hand in marketing targeted products for the client who wants and can afford them.

The targeted question approach could come up as follow-up questions that look like you want the customer’s opinion on your business. It’s braindead to ask anybody everything you need to know about them on the same day you meet them. Why should you do that to your prospects?

Progressive profiling is the most systematic approach to building client data. Amongst whatever information gathering strategy that existed, progressive profiling stands out as the approach that offers less exposure, lowering the risk of losing your clients because it seemed you asked too many questions.

With progressive profiling, your prospects will be willing to state what didn’t appeal to them about your business and what they felt could’ve been an alternative. That’d be your cue on their personal preference and how you could approach them with offers going forward.

How You Can You Implement Zoho Progressive Profiling For Your Inbound Marketing

Progressive profiling offers benefits like a non-complex systematic approach of gathering clients’ information to companies. This would make your inbound marketing so much easier. Now, you wouldn’t have to keep long hours to maintain order or fulfill the needs of a majority of your customers. As you progressively learn and uncover many new things about your customers, it becomes easier to automate and personalize the services you offer them.

Achieving it is far from easy. In some cases, it can get very challenging, especially for businesses without the best implementation approach. But as you guessed, there’s a better approach to progressive profiling, and you’d find that here.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide For Zoho Progressive Profiling

Usually, when businesses set out to implement progressive profiling in their inbound marketing approach, the results are seen in the business content value system. It means they have to build a long list of valuable content that ideally fits different prospects and needs.

This content can be filed and categorized into levels (low, medium, and high), with each level standing as a category sample for a specific customer. So, when users come to and leave your website, they leave a data trail that can be built on the next time they visit the website.

It also helps customize what users see, helping you avoid showing them irrelevant content. You can tailor content value for a specific user. Here’s the four-step guide you could use in setting up a progressive profile strategy for yourself:

Do the research

Start by considering what kind of information is required to assess your customers’ interest in any of your products. Also, think about the relationship you currently have with your client and the kind of relationship you are hoping to build.
Adding new question tabs is easy and would take you barely more than 2 seconds, but if you keep adding, you will end up with the long list you’ve been trying to avoid. So, think about it. Do you need to know the marital status and behind-the-door activities of your clients, or are you merely asking because a business model you love so much also asks for it?
Be very clear on why you need any data you request from your client. Do simple research on the why of your product and service and align it with the needs of the people who buy them. Here are some assessments you can use to determine which question makes it to your list of questions for clients:

Create your Zoho progressive profiling system

The implementation of progressive profiling works quite differently across different platforms used by marketers. Done rightly, the progressive profiling system can be responsible for increased sales conversion across all digital touchpoints; the otherwise effect is somewhat detrimental to your overall business operation.

Since the process changes from platform to platform, it’s best to let an expert team like ours help you set up your profiling system.

Create valuable content your target audience will love

We’ve talked about how important content is, and it will remain so. If you want the attention of your audience, you’ve got to have values they are willing to pay for. The easiest way to do that is by having content that appeals to their value system.

Before advertising or demanding their information and data, provide valuable content.

Evaluate the performance or success of your profiling program

Your progressive profiling system doesn’t end when you launch it. No! You should have an evaluation program that tells you if the entire system is working or not. If you have none, then you can find simple answers by asking the following questions:

The best way to operate and monitor your progressive profiling strategy is by handling it via a marketing tool like Zoho. We understand how complex such processes could sometimes be, especially if you’re managing big data.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

QuakeCinch can always help with your Zoho Marketing initiatives, just reach out to us!!