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Practical Ways Of Creating A Solid Zoho Lead Generation Strategy For Your Zoho Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Have you ever sat down to think of how visitors happen upon your website? Do you ever think of what makes people interact with your content across different platforms 一 from your website to your social media pages?

If you’ve never given serious thought to this, then, maybe your earned media and paid media efforts aren’t even bringing you enough results, yet, you don’t know.

Setting up a lead generation strategy keeps you abreast of the different channels through which you generate leads and how to optimize each to get better results.

What is a Zoho lead generation strategy?

A lead generation strategy is a chain of processes put together to draw in people who have shown interest or who will show interest in your product or service. A lead generation strategy is one where you set a trigger (called a lead capturing tool). Once the prospect or website visitor sets this trigger in motion, they have kickstarted your process of nurturing and helping them get mature (or qualified) for the final stage of the customer acquisition process.

There are different types of leads, all of which belong to the customer acquisition lifecycle. There’s the marketing qualified lead, the sales qualified lead, and the product/service qualified lead.

Marketing Qualified Lead

These are prospects that have had at least one interaction with the outputs of your marketing team. They might have clicked an ad link, watched an ad video, downloaded a lead magnet, etc. People under this category still need some nurturing before you put the sales call across to them.

Product or Service Qualified Leads

These are prospects who have had an interaction with one form of your product or service. Product or service qualified leads might have opted for your 7-day free trial. If your product or service is really worth it, then, these prospects are the best to convert. Some might just need a reminder for when their trial will end; and voila! They’ll renew it. Others might need some further convincing to purchase your product or service.

Sales Qualified Leads

These are prospects that have made at least one move towards purchasing your product or service. The sales qualified leads are closer to the bottom of the customer acquisition funnel than the marketing qualified leads. A sales qualified lead might have clicked the link to your product page, added an item to their cart, among other things. These leads are ready for the sales call – that final conviction to make them decide to buy.

Needed Tools For A Solid Zoho Lead Generation Strategy

At the heart of a solid lead generation strategy is content – all varied forms of it. The thing is, the bulk of your prospects will make their first contact with your company online. In fact, many will not make any contact at all with you physically – especially if you don’t run a brick-and-mortar business.

Since business interactions are becoming mostly online, your content is the way you communicate with your website visitors, prospects, leads, and customers. Therefore, to create an effective lead generation strategy, you must pay enough attention to the content you’re putting out there.

It’s this simple: if a lead generation strategy is your process of bringing in leads, then, you must care about what you say to those leads. That’s because how you communicate with them will determine if they’d want to hear you out or just leave the room (your website in this case).

You must have a coordinated content marketing strategy infused with your lead generation strategy. The best way to generate leads, especially the inbound way, is via your content.

When you speak to people, they sometimes want to know more or understand better. Perhaps they have questions. Thus, your brand must put processes in place that will help these people know more, understand better, or ask questions – which will then be your means of generating leads (forming a relationship with your website visitors).

These things are indispensable if you wish to create an effective lead generation strategy: lead capturing; lead magnets; lead scoring.

Lead Capturing

Lead capturing is a way of getting the details of your website visitors with their consent. Unlike the intrusive and rude strategy of data scraping used in outbound marketing, lead capturing is an integral part of inbound marketing.

Lead capturing involves embedding lead capturing tools at strategic places across your pieces of content to convert your web visitors to contacts. This is not about creating salesy or desperate and stubborn pop-ups that interrupt the content processing flow of your target audience.

You need to strategize and determine the point at which your lead capturing will pop up. They also have to bear some benefit for your web visitors. If they would be giving you their info, then, it has to be that they would be benefitting something from it. You could promise a more concise form of the content they’re currently reading, a more infographic form, etc. This also has to be in line with your target audience definition and the buyer personas you’ve created.

Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are valuable baits you can give to your prospects in exchange for their info. Because you’re trying to get them to trust you, you must ensure that the bait is truly valuable, and it’s worth giving their info for. There are a variety of lead magnets, and they could help you maximize your lead generation rate if used wisely. Examples include ebooks, case studies, explanatory videos, a free trial, among others.

The lead magnet you will use has to depend on the length of your customer acquisition lifecycle and the gravity of the info you want to generate from your leads. The more valuable your lead magnet is the higher your chances of generating more comprehensive information.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is an essential part of a lead generation strategy that can be set up using CRM tools like Zoho. With this marketing automation software, you will be able to hierarchize your leads according to how well they engage with your content and follow through with your CTAs. Thus, this helps you efficiently classify your leads and decide what stage in the lifecycle each one belongs to. Beyond that, it helps you determine the leads that are worth focusing on and the ones you need to do away with.

What Is The Zoho Lead Generation Process?

The lead generation process is a straightforward process that syncs with the practices of the inbound marketing methodology. This process involves four stages: attract, convert, nurture, delight


This is the first stage of the lead generation process. At this stage, the prospective lead is but a web visitor. It is at this stage that you deploy helpful content to elicit your web visitor’s trust and pique their interest in your brand.


This is the stage where you convert a website visitor to a lead. This may be within the same timeframe as the attract stage. At this stage, your prospect follows through with your CTA, visits a landing page, or fills a lead capturing form. Does the work stop there?


No! And that’s why you have the nurture stage. At this stage, you nurture your lead to maturation and help them pass from one stage in the lifecycle to another. Your marketing qualified lead becomes a sales qualified lead, till they become mature enough for the sales call to spur them to make the buying decision. You can nurture your leads using a CRM tool like Zoho and a solid email marketing strategy.


The work doesn’t stop at nurturing your leads. Even after you might have helped them ease from one stage of the lifecycle to the other, you must convert them into paying customers. And once you have done that, then, you pass from the customer acquisition process to the customer retention process.

At this stage, you must actively engage your leads and look out for what they have to say about your brand, product, or service. This will help you know what needs to be improved on, to keep yourself at the heart of your customers’ buying decisions.

A lead generation strategy is one of the essential parts of your inbound marketing strategy. It speaks to the characteristics of inbound: attract the right people, convince them, and continually delight them. Thus, there are no doubts that you need to formulate a lead generation strategy and sync. Visit the link below to learn more about how our team of experts can help you understand and create a solid lead generation with other components of the inbound marketing strategy to run successful marketing campaigns.

The best way to do that effectively and efficiently is to use a marketing tool like Zoho.

You need to consistently generate quality leads, and you can do just that!

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