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Simple Steps to Creating Zoho Landing Pages That Will Bring You A Sea Of Conversions

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There is much discussion around the effectiveness of a landing page in marketing campaigns. Are you thinking of how much of a difference landing pages make in the results marketers generate for their campaigns?

The truth is: landing pages are potent, and the goal is to help you learn about landing pages, how to create high-performing landing pages, and how that could impact your inbound marketing efforts.

What is a Zoho landing page?

In the context of internet marketing, a landing page is a page to which we authorize traffic (mostly sponsored traffic) from Facebook, Google, or another business channel, with the goal of converting a considerable percentage of the generated traffic.  Conversion here means getting the leads to take the desired action that would eventually lead them to become your customers.

Why do you need to learn how to create Zoho landing pages?

Having explained what a landing page is all about, we need to understand why a landing page is important for you. The purpose of a landing page is clear: to direct the internet user’s attention (in this case, your prospect) to a specific product or service and motivate them to take the desired action.

However, there are various factors that could cause the internet user to quit your page without taking the desired action. These factors include a weak copy, poor design, a lack of focus, among other things. This would result in you spending tons of money on ads and the promotion of your landing page across channels, with little to nothing to show for it.

It is essential to create minimalist landing pages, so that the internet user maintains a heightened level of focus from when they click the link to your landing page till they’re convinced to take the desired action. If the prospect is interested in receiving more details about your product or service, they will give you their details, go to your purchase page or call for more information.

Bottom line, a landing page will have an appealing and user-friendly design that matches the nature of your product or service, graphic elements that will encourage the prospect to take the desired action, purchase buttons, the option to subscribe to a mailing list, and most importantly, action-packed targeted messages.

Landing pages are a quick way of promoting a particular service or product. Say, you have several products or services, and you want to promote the newest of them all or the least purchased. In this case, your best option would be to use a landing page. Landing pages help you single out and put the spotlight on a specific product or service.

More so, some businesses have found it more profitable to design their homepages as landing pages; as this helps them leave a good first impression on their web visitors, thereby leading to a higher conversion rate.

How do I build Zoho landing pages?

You need to understand the elements of an effective landing page, if you want to build a high-performing page. Building your landing page according to best practices will help you reach the full potential of your marketing output and bring in as many conversions as possible.

Determine the purpose of your landing page and choose the desired action you want your prospects to take

The first step is for you to decide on the desired action you want your prospects to take. Defining the purpose of your landing page will help you stay hyper-focused on optimizing the landing page to drive the right conversion. Thus, you need to start from what the desired action is and the best CTA to spur your prospects to take that action.

Remember: each landing page is restricted to only one desired action. Having multiple desired actions on the same page will lead to distractions and a poor conversion rate. However, you could have more than one CTA slotted into different sections of your copy. Just ensure that all the CTAs are focused on the same desired action.

What Is The Lead Generation Process?

The lead generation process is a straightforward process that syncs with the practices of the inbound marketing methodology. This process involves four stages: attract, convert, nurture, delight

Outline your prospects’ needs and expectations

Second, it is important to understand what the prospect expects from you. You must understand their needs and how your offer helps them alleviate their pain points. It is only when you have understood their pain points and needs that you’ll know how best to present your offer in a convincing way. Without this, you have no assurance that all your visitors will take the desired action. And since landing pages are often sponsored ads, that means you will lose money to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads with little to no conversions to show for it.

Use pictures that illustrate the product or service

If your landing page is about a product, you should attach a professional photo taken from the right angles, and if it is a service, add appealing photos related to the service you’re advertising.

For example, on a landing page of a loan company, you could add a picture of a handshake or any pictures of people that conveys credibility. Also, your company’s logo and icons must be prominent, as their job is to give the prospect confidence and trust in your offer.

Make an appealing yet minimalist design

What about landing page design? Professional landing page design motivation for action. Landing page design is very significant and can be likened to the stores we visit to purchase a product. You would certainly like to purchase from a bright, tidy and carefully arranged store where everything is in the right place, as against a scattered and disorganized one.
The same goes for landing pages. You must get the images, icons, text, topography, and color.

Your landing page must be appealing, minimalist in design so that everything reverts to your offer; and also optimized to give the leads a good user experience. This includes optimizing for both desktop and mobile. User experience influences decisions; the better the user experience, the more likely the visitors will be to take on your offer.

Create a copy that drives action on landing pages

Building a well-designed and impressive landing page is not enough – the main goal is to drive action and make the landing page convert. Landing pages can be impressive and tastefully designed, but if the text in them is not clear and does not convey the message in a convincing way, then, your page is worth nothing.

The content must be short written in concise and active sentences. Tell a story, paint pictures of outcomes if the prospect took up your offer. Insert lots of social proof. Walk them through what they stand to gain. Prove your expertise. Analyze their pain points and show how taking up your offer helps them to allievate those pain points. Show them what they would be missing if they don’t take up your offer. Put in a sense of urgency. Add a strong and convincing CTA as your closing.

Another thing, invest in micro-coffee and choose small sentences that will give the final push like – “Let’s talk about your business” or “A minute before we meet for coffee – leave us details”.

Link to extended information and videos

The beauty of landing pages is that you can add various links and even videos that tangibly show the product or service and allow you to motivate your prospects to take the desired action.

If you have a video on your landing page, it’s important to give the prospect a choice; don’t put the videos on an autoplay mode.

Infuse social proof through testimonies and photos

When building landing pages for businesses (and in general), it’s very important to prove to the prospect that your product or service is tried and tested. Here are some ways to prove that:

Manage, analyze and optimize your landing pages using a marketing tool

The best way to consistently have a high-performing landing page is by tracking the performance of your landing page and constantly optimizing it for better results.

This is why we often suggest the A/B testing technique to marketers. If there is one thing that many internet marketers neglect in the context of landing pages in general, it is the A / B testing. Improving your conversion rate is a real art, and whoever controls it can take full advantage of the potential of their traffic.

Create several versions of your landing page with minimal variations between them. This will help you know how to isolate the variable that makes the difference.

The variable can be the copy (text), the color of a button, the fields on the form, a title – virtually any element on the page.

Here’s an iron rule: always refer to 2 (or more) different versions of the landing page with the same message or ad. This is also to isolate the variables as much as possible.

After you have accumulated enough data, it’s possible to determine the more successful version (converter) and start a new test.

Always do tests and compare different landing pages to constantly improve the conversion percentage.

Finally, in an age where competing companies are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, every business needs to stand out in its marketing.

A landing page is an excellent advertising channel. However, it needs attention to details and a means to monitor, test, experiment, track performance, and optimize. These can be achieved through the use of marketing tools like Zoho Sites and Zoho Landing Pages.

Single out your products or services one after the other and give them a better chance at having a massive sale. Reach out to us via the link below to meet our team of landing page experts. They’re waiting to help you get started.

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