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How To Convert More Leads Using A Zoho Lead Nurturing Strategy

In this era, you need a good understanding of how to formulate and deploy a lead nurturing strategy if you want to manage successful inbound marketing campaigns. Both are what you need to get customers. However, in the marketing and sales process, it may be surprisingly difficult to understand what lead nurturing is, and what to do specifically.

In this piece, we will walk you through what lead nurturing means and how you can achieve a higher customer acquisition rate using a solid lead nurturing strategy.

What is Zoho lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing regroups all activities that involve engaging your acquired leads and helping them grow to sales maturation. The sole aim of lead nurturing is to lead your acquired contacts from the consideration stage to becoming paying customers.

The goal of lead nurturing is to prevent potential customers from being passed on to competitors, increase order rates, and improve sales efficiency.

Lead nurturing is especially effective for products and services that require time to make decisions leading up to purchase.

The advent of the internet has made it easier for customers to obtain and compare a lot of information about products and services. Therefore, it’s difficult to get prospects to opt for your products or services unless you maintain a solid relationship with these prospects. Against this background, the importance of lead nurturing is gaining attention.

5 Zoho Lead Nurturing Strategies to Convert More Leads

Send relevant content to prospects to increase your business opportunities

Sending random one-time emails to your contacts is not effective, especially when the sales cycle is long. Offering personalized content is therefore your best bet if you really want to nurture your leads to maturation. Sending personalized content will result in a higher engagement rate, meaning that your prospects will most likely follow through with the CTA and make the purchase when you make the sales call.

Content preference will be based on contact segments. What interests one segment may not necessarily interest another segment. To deal with different subjects, you must first know your contacts and know what stage they’re in the buyer’s journey.

Wait until your contacts have interacted enough with your brand

If you don’t have a lead nurturing campaign in place, chances are your sales reps will be wasting time on low-potential contacts or contacts who are simply not ready to buy. Although the paths to purchase vary depending on the niche you’re in, on average, they’ve lengthened considerably. Generally speaking, studies show that leads become converted after 10 interactions with a brand.

Thus, you need to schedule enough email sends before you can convert your leads into paying customers. Lead nurturing is a patient venture; don’t give the sales call prematurely, it may cost you’re your potential customers.

Be responsive to messages from your contacts to increase your chances of converting

Lead nurturing is time-demanding. You signed up for it; you must follow through with it, in every sense of the word. Thus, you need to be responsive to your contacts’ messages. Communication is a two-way thing. You need to be responsive to messages and contact interactions on their sites.

Your chances of converting a lead into a customer are exponentially higher when the lead is contacted immediately after a website conversion.

Also, contacting a lead who just left their contact details and accurate information (have enough information) is much more effective than cold calling.

Thanks to marketing automation platforms like Zoho, you have a breakdown of customers’ interactions with your site, know their habits, their needs, their workplace, and their role.

Personalize your emails

Email marketing remains the most effective marketing option. However, you need to follow the best email marketing practices to ensure high open and click-through rates.

The personalization of email messages makes it possible to address each contact contextually. That’s one reason why personalized emails perform better than generic emails.

Thanks to marketing automation platforms, you can personalize your emails easily. For example, you can schedule a series of thematic emails when an eBook is downloaded, when a certain type of page is repeatedly visited, when certain links are clicked, or if the contact has shown a certain level of engagement.

Set up a lead scoring system to identify your qualified leads

Lead scoring is one of the hottest features because it ranks leads based on pre-selected criteria. By giving a score to selected actions, such as a conversion, a download, or an interaction on your site, marketing automation platforms help you determine which prospect has the most potential, but also which one is not yet ready to be contacted.

Lead scoring could help you work on two things: identify the prospects you need to pass on to your sales team and also identify the ones who need to be worked on.

Many marketers believe their lead nurturing strategies are effective. However, a lead nurturing strategy assumes that all your contacts receive quick responses to their interactions and that you send them the right content. No contact is forgotten; no content is wasted.

Lead nurturing is pivotal to the success of your inbound marketing strategy. The design of the inbound marketing framework doesn’t allow you to force-market or provoke your contacts with offensive and repetitive marketing. Thus, you need to learn how to nurture your leads appropriately.
Lead nurturing could be demanding. However, running your lead nurturing strategy using a marketing tool like Zoho will allow you to automate things, create workflows, and nurture your leads more effectively.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

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