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Easily Pass Your Ideal Customers Through The Buyer’s Journey With Facebook Lead Ads And Zoho Integration

As at January 2022, Facebook has 2.9 billion active monthly users. If that data didn’t jump at you, consider that 2 out of 7 people in the world are active Facebook users. And when you start to relatively look at the data, you’ll understand just how powerful Facebook is as a business tool.

As powerful as Facebook is for businesses, you could get lost in its vast world. Just as vast and diverse as the world is, so is Facebook. There are different types of prospects on Facebook – with distinct personalities, interests, and motivations.

You need to understand your ideal customer, identify their interests and motivations, and create the perfect marketing channel to reach out to them and convert them. When you’ve understood this, you’ll be poised to tap into the powers of Facebook Lead Ads. But wait, what’s Facebook Lead Ads?

Understanding What Facebook Lead Ads Is

Facebook Lead Ads is a Facebook feature that brings ease to your inbound lead generation strategy. Truth be told, your prospects want to benefit from you, but they’re too lazy to spend minutes filling forms and giving info.

Facebook Lead Ads is tool that allows you to collect additional info needed for your marketing and lead generation campaigns. One leverage Facebook Lead Ads has over your traditional website lead capturing tool is that it leverages people’s social presence and behavior. Thus, your Facebook Lead Ads targeting will highly align with your ideal audience – if you successfully define your ideal audience.

Another plus to using Facebook Lead Ads is that it automatically prepopulates the form with basic info like name and email address. The additional questions that your leads need to answer may not be more than two.

These Facebook Lead Ads often convert because they’re targeted at people who naturally want the value you’re providing them, and they also eliminate stress from the form-filling process.

Why Do People Use Facebook Lead Ads?

The Pre-populated Forms Feature

One of the most amazing features of Facebook Ad Leads is that it offers you a pre-poplulated form option. What this means is that your form is automatically filled with the basic details of your leads, as displayed on their profile.
This powerful feature makes it easier for your leads to fill up forms in less time, thereby reducing the drop-off rate. The easier your prospects consider your form to be, the more inclined they’ll be to fill it.
Although there’s the pre-populated form feature, you’re also allowed to slot in additional form fields to collect more in-depth details.
One thing you want to keep in mind is that your value offering has to be worth the information you want to generate. How well do you think your prospects need this info you’re offering, and how far do you think they’d want to go to get it? Knowing these two things will help you create lead forms that convert. And that takes us back to the importance of creating buyer personas and knowing who your ideal clients are.

Multi-value Offering

While you essentially need lead forms to gather prospect info, you don’t necessarily have to offer just one thing. Your value offering could range from a demo or trial offer in exchange for their data for your waiting list, an insightful and data-packed whitepaper, quotes, newsletter subscriptions – the list is almost endless!
At the heart of deciding what offer you propose to your prospects is the buyer’s persona. When you know your prospects and their interests, you’re better positioned to offer them something of irresistible value, in exchange for their data.
Another thing that works is to put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. This is an often underrated but powerful marketing process. You’re a marketer and business owner, but you’re also a prospect or ideal customer to some other businesses.
If they were to pitch you the way you’ve decided to pitch your prospects, in exchange for your data, would they be able to successfully convert you? If your answer’s no, what’s wrong? The copy’s wording? The CTA? The value offering? Set to work and make the necessary corrections!

Hyper Targeted Leads

Another plus to using Facebook Lead Ads is that you’re given access to Facebook’s suite of audience segmentation and optimization tools. Facebook Ads remain one of the most-converting categories of social media advertising. You can hyper target your leads to ensure that only people whose social behaviors and profiles align with your buyer persona receive your lead forms.

CRM Integration

The biggest flex about Facebook Lead Ads is that you can automate processes by integrating your Facebook Lead Ads dashboard with your Zoho CRM. This allows you to efficiently manage your leads and take the necessary actions quickly. With the first five minutes guaranteeing an 8x likelihood of lead conversion, automating your marketing and sales processes by connecting your Facebook Lead Ads to your CRM is surely the way to go.

Why Do You Need A Facebook And Zoho CRM Integration?

Facebook Ad Leads is a powerful tool that can help you generate significant results in your company’s marketing and advertising efforts. However, you can turn the significance some noches higher when you opt for a Facebook Ad Leads and Zoho CRM integration.
A Facebook and Zoho CRM integration goes beyond boosting the effectiveness of your ad leads. You can soccial listen to track what people are saying about your brand, conncect with your prospects through engaged posts and groups, respond to messages in real-time using Messenger, and also manage your leads’ data. Here are some reasons why you need a Facebook and Zoho CRM integration:

Audience Engagement in Real-time

The Zoho CRM social tab allows you to manage your Facebook activities directly from your Zoho CRM. You can respond to messages, program posts, create new posts, send comments, and react to followers’ messages or enquiries quickly. The CRM allows you to do all these in real-time, which is one of the biggest pluses to it.
You can also automatically convert your clients’ messages and enquiries on Facebook into request tickets using Zoho Desk. This allows you to properly and efficiently manage customer complaints, thereby boosting customer’s perception of your brand and their likelihood of retaining you as their go-to brand.

Social Listening Capabilities

Social listening is one of the strongest features that a Facebook and Zoho CRM integration offers you. Social listening is important to both your branding and marketing efforts because it allows you to guage people’s perception of your brand. People’s perception of your brand will determine whether or not they’ll buy from you.

When you actively listen with Zoho’s social listening capabilities, you can track and monitor what people are saying about your brand and develop strategies to positively influence people’s perception and discussions about your brand. This feature also allows you to quickly engage those who mention your brand. Whether it’s to reinforce their message, or aptly reply to avoid brand crisis.


Lead Management

Your Zoho CRM and Zoho Social, integrated with your Facebook Lead Ads, give you an easier and more in-depth way of classifying your Facebook ad leads. The process is automated so that once you generate a new lead via Facebook Lead Ads, it’s automatically saved in your Zoho CRM, with enough info on the campaign that lead to the lead’s conversion and other necessary info needed to take action and pitch the sale to the prospect.

Apt Lead Conversion

Zoho CRM is a smart tool that allows you to convert active brand engagement into leads. You can create triggers based on people’s engagement with your social media accounts, which would automatically convert them to your lead and notify your sales team to act.
For instance, if a social media contact constantly likes your Facebook posts on a particular product or service you offer, you could create a trigger to automatically convert a user that rects to five of such posts into a lead.
These are just some of the magic you can create with a Zoho CRM and Facebook integration.
You will agree that a Facebook and Zoho CRM integration will position you for quality lead generation and successful conversions. However, how do you go about integrating these two platforms to suit your business’ needs?
That’s where hiring a team of experts comes in. To create a Zoho CRM and Facebook integration that suits your business’ needs and aligns with your goals, reach out to our team of Zoho experts via the button below.