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Monitoring And Managing Your Lead Sources Using A Zoho CRM And UTM Parameters Integration

Have you ever been in this situation: you’re running multiple marketing efforts across several channels – social media, Google Ads…

Your analytics shows you data on your traffic sources, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. However, you cannot tell which specific campaign brought in which leads… In come UTM parameters.

Zoho and Google URL Parameters

What Are UTM Parameters?

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters are a set of traffic-tracking marketing tools that will help you determine which traffic element from your traffic sources attract visitors to your website, app, and other online platforms. It’s impossible to attribute the contribution of conversions to the correct source without first figuring out where your visitors are coming from.

In other words, the foundation of conversion attribution is traffic tracking. It sounds simple, but tracking down the traffic source of a session can be tricky, and difficult. Thus, it’s essential that you understand the fundamentals of creating UTM labels and how to integrate such labels into your Zoho CRM.

The five parameters are:






The first two parameters – “utm_source” and “utm_medium” – are required. At the same time, it’s necessary that you also assign a value to “utm_campaign”.

For example, let’s say it’s early November and you specify a landing page link for a headline ad to drive traffic to your Singles’ Day promotion page. The CTA is “Buy Now, 40% Off”.

The UTM parameters in your landing page link will most likely look like this:


Why Do You Need UTM Parameters?

It’s important for your business to ‌reliably attribute your conversions – the results of your marketing campaigns – to the correct traffic sources to compare the performance of campaigns across channels.

Imagine this: a user visits your website five times before making a purchase. If you don’t track which sites, programs or channels the user came from during each of the five times, how do you know how much of the conversion contribution to attribute to each source?

If you can’t determine the exact traffic source, you won’t be able to attribute conversions to their original traffic source, nor would you be able to find out the true cost per acquisition (CPA) or return on ad spend (ROAS) of each campaign.

zMA Slide 1
Zoho and Google URL Parameters Source Report

Your ability to track traffic sources properly provides you with a clearer picture of each user's purchase journey:

It would help you discover how search engine optimization (SEO) helps in-purchase searchers find your site, and how our Google Ads and cart abandonment emails drive users back to your site to complete their purchase.

To see the data at these various levels, you need to plan the traffic tracking mechanism in advance and execute the plan according to your marketing campaign.

In essence, UTM parameters are beneficial to you for the following reasons:

By developing and following proper rules of consistently adding UTM parameters to inbound links, you’ll gain wholesome analytical data on your traffic sources and save time and money from having to clean up messy data in the future.

Links with properly labeled UTM parameters help you answer the following questions:

How To Set Up UTM Parameters

No matter what you decide to do (or which parameter to use), there are a few things you can do directly to improve your UTM tracking:

Sometimes, it’s not possible to control all the values passed to the traffic statistics analysis system through UTM parameters. People make mistakes, and some tools don’t allow custom UTM parameters.

In this case, you can create filters in the traffic statistics analysis system to convert the values of utm_source and utm_medium to lowercase and keep the traffic report clean and consistent.

Once each UTM parameter has a defined value rule, it’s possible to customize the UTM tagging strategy and publish the strategy document to a central document repository accessible to all team members.

Monitoring And Managing Your Lead Sources Using A Zoho CRM And UTM Parameters Integration

Properly set UTM parameters are valuable marketing tools that can set your business up for success. Using UTM parameters helps you identify how well each individual campaign is performing, thereby giving you insights into how you should further dispense marketing funds.

However, a Zoho CRM integration with your UTM parameters will bring you better results. With a Zoho CXRM-UTM parameters integration, your Zoho CRM becomes your lead monitoring and management platform. Zoho CRM’s end-to-end analytics will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities.

You can also create workflows and triggers to help you effectively track your leads’ sources, once you integrate your UTM parameters with Zoho CRM.

Another benefit to using a Zoho CRM-UTM parameters integration is that you can gauge the quality of your generated leads through lead scoring. This will give you deeper insights into the best form of campaigns to focus your energy on, the demography to deliver more ads to, among other useful data.

There are huge benefits to using a Zoho CRM-UTM parameters integration. However, there’s no denying that the setting up and managing of such integration requires some technical know-how.

You need a team of Zoho experts trained to understand your goals, tap into your needs, and create strategies and workflows that would help you achieve your goals optimally.

Ready to stop wasting your ad spend? Want to gain valuable insights into your traffic sources and how well each campaign is performing?

Reach out to our team of experts to get started on your Zoho CRM-UTM parameters integration today!

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