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Stay On Top Of Your Offline Conversion Game With A Zoho CRM and CallRail Integration

If telemarketing were to be in the docks and you were the judge, what would be your verdict? How would you judge that age-long practice in marketing that’s been linked with ponzi schemes, boiler rooms, and other fraudulent activities in the history of sales and marketing?

If you won’t be banishing telemarketing to the gallows for life, you should be drafted for Sainthood. This is because the concept of telemarketing is intrusive. Speak of unsolicited calls from strangers at dinner while you’re about to take that first spoon of your favorite meal or an early morning call that decided to relieve your alarm clock of its duties; from who? Not your boss, not a family emergency. Just some dude that felt you should know how great their product is.

CallRail and Zoho Integration

The thing is, telemarketing in itself is not inherently evil. It’s just a tool that fell into the hands of some sales villains and this is not about playing the Devil’s Advocate. If not for these bad eggs that have tainted the image of telemarketing, getting on a call with someone that is genuinely interested in what you have to say or offer is actually one of the best ways to get their attention and seal deals with them. The keyword here is prospect’s interest – telemarketing should be based on a show of interest from the prospect, not your guesswork.

After all, it’s been said that 92% of sales-related customer interactions happen over a phone call. So how can you make the most of this channel without earning a bad reputation from your prospects?

You can practice healthy telemarketing by weaving offline calls into your inbound marketing strategy. This is highlighted by lead tracking. What’s lead tracking, you may be wondering.

What is Lead Tracking?

Lead tracking is as it sounds: attaching a “marketing GPS” to your leads so you get real-time information about their activities. The devil, they say, is the details.

Lead tracking regroups the process of determining your leads’ sources, monitoring their progress through your sales funnel in real-time, and taking strategic and targeted actions to help them advance through the stages of your stage funnel, till you eventually acquire them.

There you have it! Lead tracking is not stalking your leads; it’s rather about making use of the information you can get from your leads to implement strategies to help them solve their problems. Remember that you are a marketer, not an undercover spy.

Lead tracking can be done both online and offline. Online tracking involves monitoring your prospects’ activities and studying how they interact with your content using digital tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, UTM parameters, among other examples. When it comes to tracking leads offline, tools like CallRail get the job done.

Why Even Bother To Track Leads?

Lead tracking can help you achieve a number of things. Among them are:

Stay Informed about your leads

Marketing, at its best, is some sort of beneficial communication. A gap in information about your prospects will only leave you guessing, and this is a virus you don’t want to allow into your strategy. That’s is because efficient marketing thrives on research and information. Staying updated about your leads’ activities is the only way you can know for sure what your target audience needs and how you can meet those needs.

Help you deliver personalized content

The buyer’s journey is not one that is a straight line as depicted in many infographic materials. It’s a convoluted journey involving many emotions and potholes - indifference, loss of engagement, and total rejection sometimes.

To get some considerable control over this situation, it’s important that you know the exact stage each lead is at in the buyer’s journey. This will allow you to deliver contextually appropriate and valuable content to your leads. You don’t want to send an email informing your leads about a webinar on how to use your product when they are at the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

Lead tracking helps you prevent messages like that that can put off your prospects.

ROI calculation

A lot of marketers find it hard to calculate how much exactly their return on investment is. This arises when there aren't defined systems in place to monitor the performance of your marketing strategy. You need to know which of your campaigns are attracting the leads and at what rate. You also have to be aware of what keywords bring those leads to your landing pages. Offline conversions are also not excluded from this; you should leave no strategy unturned.

Equipped with these pieces of information, you can then go ahead to double down on the strategies that are yielding the best result and modify or discard the ones that are not giving you good returns

How CallRail Helps You Track Your Leads

CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics platform that helps you effectively track your offline engagements with your leads. Here are ways through which CallRail helps you track your leads:

How Zoho CRM Can Complement Your Lead Tracking with CallRail


Zoho CRM is a powerful customer relationship management tool that has a lot of automation features that can take redundant tasks off your hands so that you can focus your attention on other demanding marketing tasks.

Zoho CRM’s automation features range from automatically sending reminders, to scheduling meetings, to email notifications. You won’t have to jump from one tool to another before you execute your tasks.


Segmentation is what helps you achieve the superpower of sending messages that are relevant to your audience. This will also allow you to target your content to the group that really needs it rather than forwarding it to all the prospects in your database which is simply a waste of resources. Zoho CRM can help you sort your leads so that calling them with CallRail is much easier.

Workflow Optimization

In the process of turning a lead into a paying customer, there needs to be close communication between the marketing team and the sales team. This will ensure there is a smooth transfer of the prospect from the marketing team to the sales team, at the point of conversion.

Having Zoho CRM will make this easy because all activities of both marketing and sales teams can be monitored from a single dashboard. The Zoho CRM serves as an interface for your marketing team to connect with your sales team to intensively and efficiently use CallRail.

How To Intergate CallRail and Zoho CRM

You can integrate CallRail and Zoho CRM using API. API works as a middle-man between the two apps. Here is a list of some of the tools out there that can help you achieve easily and effectively integrate CallRail and Zoho CRM;

Not tracking your leads is equivalent to taking a walk in a strange park with your eyes closed. You’ll end up expending your energy and resources – with no meaningful destination in sight.

Integrating your Zoho CRM dashboard with your CallRail account in a way that suits the needs of your company might require more expertise than you can manage. In that case, it’s advisable you contact a team of Zoho experts.

Looking to unite your lead tracking efforts across both online and offline channels? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts via the button below to get started.