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Zoho Survey Implementation, Support and Guidance

Zoho Survey Setup: Personalized Marketing Survey For Quality Feedback

One of the best ways to set yourself apart early on – especially if you’re bootstrapping your business – is to invest in customer research. You need to know your ideal customer beyond surface levels. This means digging deeper and asking questions about their pain points, goals, motivations, and buying interests. When you invest in understanding your ideal customers beyond what they can buy from you at the moment, you’ll significantly boost your customer acquisition and retention rates.

However, customer research is not all that easy, and customers are increasingly becoming wary of responding to research. In researching your customers, you’d be uncovering vital insights about them – they need to be able to trust you enough with such insights.

Your customer research also extends beyond the pre-sale phase. Collecting customer feedback can help you make your customer journey map easier and better.

Knowing that customer feedback is an essential aspect of your business’ success, you need the right tools to collect, manage, and protect customer feedback.

We’ll walk you through how to collect and manage customer feedback in a profitable way for your business, using Zoho Survey.

What Is Zoho Survey?

Zoho Survey is an amazing way to connect with your customers and therefore a crucial tool for collecting user feedback. You can collect relevant feedback on how your customers view your products and services as a whole or how they view individual features using Zoho Survey.
These surveys also provide a lot of other useful insights from your online users, helping you create and improve the overall customer experience.
As a customer-focused business, you need to understand how vital tools like Zoho Survey are to tailor your questions in a way to boost the response rate.
With Zoho Survey, you can set the goal of your survey and also determine the target audience. This helps you generate the right feedback. For instance, you may decide to study the attitude of visitors on your website, social media campaigns, among others.

Multi-function Survey Creation

One of the best ways to reduce the churn rate of your feedback collection efforts is to make your survey forms interactive and engaging. Surveys are part of your business’ overall operations. Thus, you must strive to give a good user experience to your customers – even during the feedback collection process.
Thanks to the several interactive survey design options available in Zoho Survey, you can design surveys your respondents would enjoy filling. Some of these options include the drag-and-drop feature, skip logic, in-mail surveys, and scoring.
What’s more? Language is not a barrier with Zoho Survey. If your business has customers in several countries, you can use the Zoho Survey multi-lingual feature to deliver your survey in multiple languages, thus serving people of different cultures and orientations. This also helps you create inclusive and comprehensive surveys.

Personalized Surveys

You can extend your brand identity to your surveys to increase the level of loyalty and brand affinity your respondents feel toward your company. Zoho Survey allows you to personalize your surveys by adding customized themes, adding your business logo, creating custom end pages, white labelling, among other functions.

Extensive Integrations

One of the best things about Zoho products is that they give you access to extensive migration options you can’t find elsewhere. You can integrate Zoho Survey into Zoho apps such as Zoho Campaigns, Zoho One, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Marketing Plus. You can also integrate it into third-party apps and platforms such as Mailchimp and Google Sheets. This way, you don’t have to spend extra time navigating between several apps, thus saving your staff members ample time and allowing them to do more in less time.

Secure Survey Collection

Infomration protection is key to gaining the trust of your customers. Thanks to Zoho Survey, you can collect and manage feedback securely using features such as Captcha, SSL certification, and passworded forms. There’s also the one-response-per respondent feature, allowing you to either restrict responses per device or per unique URL.

Multi-Option Survey Sharing

Sharing format won’t be a restricting factor for you when you create your surveys using Zoho Survey. Web link sharing is the most popular way of distributing online surveys and it’s the only way option made available by some platforms. However, Zoho Survey puts empowers you to reach all types of audiences with its multi-option survey sharing feature.
You can share your surveys using web links, custom domain links, private group access, social media, email campaigns, and QR codes.

Varied Response-collecting Options

You can collect responses to your Zoho Survey forms via different channels. This also allows you to reach a wider audience, especially if you’re conducting product research. You can collect responses offline, embed your surveys on your website, or set them as trigger emails in your Zoho Campaigns.
You can also add financial incentives to your surveys, thus buying responses from willing respondents who fit your pre-set criteria.

Elaborate Report Analysis

Zoho Survey offers you elaborate survey analysis and reporting that cuts across different formats, thus helping you make sense of your collected data. You can transform your responses into trend reports, cross-tab reports, or custom reports.
You can also set your report type to determine when and how you Zoho Survey processes your reports. You can opt for real-time reporting or scheduled reporting.
The filtered responses feature also allows you to get a quick overview of how your respondents reacted to your questions.
Lastly, Zoho Survey allows you to export your reports in multiple formats and share these same reports across multiple devices.

Real-time Team Collaboration

Zoho Survey allows you to work with your team members to create surveys, analyze reports, and make the best decisions, in real-time. You can share your surveys, invite your teammates to collaborate with you and review the survey questions, or transfer ownership of your survey to someone else on the team.

How Will Zoho Survey Help You Run Your Business?

Zoho Survey helps you uncover positive customer experiences, frustrations, and pain points through intuitive and adequate feedback collection. It can help you uncover why customers appreciate your company’s products and what they are dissatisfied with. Generally speaking, from customer feedback, you can understand what customers think about your product, and you can take targeted response measures to improve customer satisfaction.
A business that prioritizes delighting its customers will have returning customers, and having returning customers in a way that increases your average lifetime customer value is a proven way of scaling your business.
Therefore, it’s safe to say that focusing on customer feedback through Zoho Survey and making business decisions based on your surveys can provide your business with several benefits. These benefits include:

Optimizing products and services

With the Zoho Survey, you can collect detailed and specific feedback about your products, services, or even marketing campaigns. The specificity of the feedback will help you know the right adjustments to make to ensure your business remains your existing customers’ top choice. For example, by gathering feedback on customer service, you can determine if your team needs additional training, added manpower, or an upgrade in technical support to meet customer needs.
Through product feedback, you can detect certain product defects that ruin the customer experience, and you can also get some feature requests that’ll improve the overall customer experience, thus helping you increase your conversion rate.
Through marketing feedback, you can learn if your marketing content is too aggressive, vague, or inaccurate (for example, your marketing copy claims that the product can integrate with a specific third-party service, but it does not).

Improve referral rate

Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your business to others – it’s that simple. According to statistics from Deloitte, when customers are satisfied, they share their positive experiences working with a company with an average of up to 9 people each.
Thus, you’ll not only be increasing your customer lifetime value by implementing feedback collected with Zoho Survey, but you’d also be able to increase your acquisition through referrals.

Increase customer loyalty

According to Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Report, 77% of customers will have more affinity for your company if you actively collect and implement customer feedback and suggestions. What this tells you is that your customers love to be heard! They love to feedback and see their feedback implemented. Thanks to Zoho Survey, Customers have different standards. Some people think that good customer service is about providing strong and fast customer support, while others think that those user interface tweaks that make the customer experience smoother can also be included. The realm of quality customer service.

Bring more benefits

This is obvious, When customer loyalty is improved, the customer retention rate can be increased rapidly; the improvement of referral rate allows us to explore more potential customers, and the company can continue to grow.
Research has also proven that engaged customers buy 90% more often, and they also see a 60% increase in the value of each transaction.

How Zoho Survey Can Help Transform Your Business Digitally

Let’s explore the ways the Zoho Survey will help your business and how to make the most of the platform.

Conduct customer feedback research

To gather relevant data (referral potential, satisfaction, trust, etc.) from your audience, and conduct customer research Zoho survey software is a great way to do it. A customer feedback form can also be used, but customer research is more widely used. Moreover, feedback forms are generally long, and customers may not be willing to take the time to fill them out.

Customer interviews

Customer interviews are a great way to have a conversation with customers about what they already know about product optimizations and what product features or performance tweaks they expect to achieve. Ways to get effective feedback include:
Ask customers how easy it is for them to successfully solve problems with the product/service.
Target the features, offers, and marketing messages that appeal to the most customers for that product/service.
Find out where the product/service exceeds customer expectations and where improvements are needed.
Client meetings don’t have to be held offline. To contact customers for their opinions, WeChat or phone interviews are still an efficient, money-saving, and labor-saving way.
Plus, trade shows and trade conferences are great places to interact with customers and gather feedback. Dedicated teams of people to communicate with customers at the booth or throughout the event can gather a lot of useful feedback.
In addition to this, client groups are also an important source of feedback, but only if the group includes key decision makers from the current client company. It is also possible to engage decision-makers outside of the customer base and have them provide insights from the perspective of the prospect.

Why Do You Need Zoho Survey For Your Business?

There are many benefits to implementing the Zoho Survey for your business, not the least of which is that it revolutionizes the customer relationship process by creating and sending useful surveys to your contacts.
One of the many reasons why Zoho Survey stands out is that it’s connected with the functionality of automatically sending a survey after an order to a client and its processes for delivering a survey and working with responses.
The more you get and understand feedback from your customers, the better you can personalize their buyer’s journey and help them have a good user experience. Zoho Survey allows you to improve your product and services, hence, helping you make bigger sales goals, increase conversion rates, and improve sales efficiency.

In summary, here are reasons why you need Zoho Survey for your business:

What Are The Competitors of Zoho Survey?

Zoho Survey has many competitors, which include: Jotform, Alchemy, Typeform, Qualtrics CoreXM, SurveyMonkey, Google Surveys, SoGoSurvey, ProProfs Survey Maker, Nicereply, and Voxco Survey Software.
For small- or medium-sized businesses, the Zoho Survey surpasses its competitors based on the potential customer research features it makes available, its afforable price, and the ease of reaching your ROI faster than when using other platforms.
Although Zoho Survey may prove less easier to setup than other platforms, however, havinga Zoho Partner like QuakeCinch that understands your business goals and can implement Zoho Survey accordingly is a huge plus for you.

Why choose QuakeCinch for your Zoho Survey implementation and support?

There are many Zoho partner agencies out there, and some will make unrealistic promises to you. As you browse the pages of some of these partners, you’d be able to tell that they’re more concerned about how many clients they can bring in than how well they can set up their clients for success.
QuakeCinch is different, and here are the things that stand us out from others:

Customer-focused services​

Our mission at QuakeCinch is to understand your business goals and create an ecosystem that allows you to pursue those goals effectively and generate the desired results for your business.

Expertise laced with experience​

We have both the expertise and experience to help you create what works, having worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses. At QuakeCinch, our services are not limited to helping you utilize the functions and features of the Zoho Survey platform.

Result-focused and personalized set up and configuration

We will go over and beyond to create processes that will help you leverage the software and configure it in a way that will help you get the best out of it based on what you need to succeed as a business in your industry.
The thing is, Zoho Survey has several features, and not all businesses need all the features of Zoho Survey. At QuakeCinch, we will help you tap into the features that will help you achieve your desired results quickly and repeatedly drive success for you.
If you had previously hired a Zoho partner agency to configure your Zoho Survey account but the setup is not driving you the results you need and you believe you can get more from the platform than what they did for you, QuakeCinch can help you clean up your Zoho Survey dashboard and reconfigure it so the product works in a way that aligns with your business goals

Continued Customer Support

At QuakeCinch, we walk the talk. We value customer relationships and you can rest assured that our team will be there to support you and help you take advantage of the latest Zoho Survey features for your business success.

Extensive competitor migration

We also offer extensive competitor migration from pricey third-party software you currently use to the Zoho alternative. This way, we’ll help you select the right tech stack based on your business size, industry, and goals.

A smooth onboarding process

QuakeCinch is not just concerned about helping you set up your Zoho Survey account. We will also give you an onboarding tailored toward your team’s strengths and expertise.
This onboarding will allow you and your team members to understand how to use leverage the personalized setup we made for you for your business’ success.
You can delve into the world of Zoho Survey and try to make sense of it yourself. However, getting a certified Zoho Partner with years of experience on board will help you get the best Zoho Survey plan based on your business size, plans, data size, and goals.
Beyond selecting the best plan, it will also get you the setup and configuration that will help you generate meaningful results and ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.
Ready? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts now to get started with the first step!