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Zoho Forms Implementation, Support And Guidance

Get Started With Zoho Forms To Collect And Save Vital Customer And Business Data

Forms are an integral part of your day-to-day business activities – they help you collect data and organize the data to make corresponding analysis. From collecting names for an online webinar to collecting data on prospects interested in your new product – you’ll always have a need for forms for your business. You might have experimented with different form types – perhaps some were difficult to use or they didn’t allow you enough creative freedom to design interactive forms.

Zoho offers a one-stop form-creating product as part of its Zoho creator tools. In this piece, we’ll walk you through the amazing features of Zoho Forms, why you should consider using Zoho Forms for your business, and how to get started.

What Is Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms is a form builder that allows you to create interactive and appealing forms quickly and effectively. You can collect customer data using Zoho Forms’ free plan. However, the paid plans unlock more amazing features and functionalities for you.
With Zoho Forms in your marketing tech stack, you can automatically collect the data users enter into forms on your website with no need for manual backend handling.
Zoho Forms also allows you to share the data using a variety of formats – from HTML, to email attachments, to autoresponder emails, to advanced data processing and custom report generation.

What Are The Features and Functions of Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms is one of the world’s most-improved and easy-to-use digital forms. Using Zoho Forms gives you access to these amazing features and functionalities

Responsive Form Builder

Zoho Forms is a responsive form builder that helps you create attractive forms with a variety of functionalities. These functionalities include:

Drag and drop

One of the best things about Zoho Forms is that it has a drag-and-drop feature. Thanks to the Zoho Forms drag-and-drop feature, you can create a beautiful and interactive form in less time than it would take you on other platforms – without writing a single line of code.

Skip logic

Skip logic is an intuitive feature of Zoho Forms that allows you to deliver a personalized experience for each respondent. Skip logic enables you to create one master form for different groups of people likely to have different answers and assign follow-up questions based on the answers.

Answer validation

With Zoho Forms, you can validate your respondents’ answers in real-time. This allows you to hasten your data collection and processing phases.

Pick up from where you left off

One turnoff about many online forms is that when people minimize or quit, they have to start all over again. However, Zoho Forms saves your customers’ progress as they fill your forms and will automatically take off from where they left off the next time they fill your form.

Varied field types

Your forms don’t have to be boring or unappealing. The key to making them interactive is to have your respondents’ interests at heart and create a form that explores several field types.
If all your fields are in free-text form or drop-down selection lists, your form would be boring.
Zoho Forms offers you over 30 field types to select from – that way, you get to create interactive and fun forms, thereby driving more responses.

Adaptive Notifications

Zoho Forms has several adaptive notifications to deliver an excellent user experience to your respondents. You can customize your forms to display a thank-you message, redirect your respondents to your homepage, or take them to the rewards section of your form.
You can also send email and SMS notifications to your respondents, the moment they finish filling any of your forms.
Zoho Forms also allows you to integrate your company’s Microsoft Teams account, thereby giving you the opportunity for cross-functional and cross-teams collaborations using the data generated through your Zoho Forms.

Multi-option Sharing

You can share your Zoho Forms via multiple options: either by embedding it on a webpage, sharing the link, sharing a private link, or via email campaigns.
The flexibility of Zoho Forms’ sharing options means you can deploy Zoho Forms for several missions, with varying goals and diverse audiences.

Analytics and Reporting

Zoho Forms empowers you with a range of data analytics and reporting features and functionalities to analyze your data, track lead source, and convert the data into shareable or downloadable formats.
You can also deploy UTM tracking to measure the performance of your distribution channels based on the traffic and leads they generate for your forms. Visualization is crucial to making sense of your data. Zoho Forms has the tabular view feature that allows you to view responses to your form in tabular form – thus making it easier for you to export for detailed analysis.

Multiple Customization Options

You can continue to maintain your brand identity even while using Zoho Forms – thanks to the amazing functionalities and features Zoho makes available.
You can create custom links for your forms using your website URL as the root domain. Furthermore, you can deploy your coding and web design skills to customize your forms and make them interactive and beautiful using CSS and custom themes.
What’s more? You can make your forms intuitive by adding custom messages that guide your respondents through the process, coupled with features that allow your forms to adjust to different screen and device types.

High-Level Automation

Zoho Forms is more than just a top-notch form builder on the web. You can automate processes and also integrate tools into your Zoho Forms account using Zapier. You can leverage webhooks to reroute data from your Zoho Forms submissions to the appropriate software tools in your tech stack.
It gets better with Zoho Forms workflows, as you can create emails that’ll be triggered to send to your contacts based on they take while interacting with your forms.
Furthermore, you can beef up your scrutiny process by setting up an approval workflow to process form submission, and assign submitted forms to the appropriate team member.

Extended Features on Mobile

Zoho Forms functions flawlessly on mobile apps you can download the App Store or Google Play Store. The Zoho Forms mobile apps have extended features. You can make your forms available offline, thereby collecting data without necessarily being connected to the internet.
You can also automatically fill some fields – such as name, email – by scanning QR codes or bar codes. What’s more? You can leverage the geolocation feature to automatically detect and fill in the respondent’s location.

Receive and Confirm Payments

Been dying to embed a payment platform on your website? Maybe your customers have asked for it, but you’ve not found the perfect platform… Zoho Forms is a good platform to receive payment securely via your website. You can create payment gateways using Zoho Forms.
Beyond receiving payments, you can also generate receipts and invoices and also set up payment confirmation email workflows.

How Will Zoho Forms Help You Run Your Business?

In today’s business world, all business types need forms – whether you’re a freelancer, an agency, or a small business. Here are the ways Zoho Forms will help you run your business:

Automate and Analyze Data

You can integrate Zoho Forms with other tools to manage your data collection and processing activities effectively. You can automate processes in a way that launches everything occasionally at the appropriate time and predetermined intervals; taking charge of altering stages, notifications, documents, letters, and some other features.

Increase your staffers’ productivity

Zoho Forms doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Just write your question and select your answer’s format. The ease-of-creation helps you reduce the time spent creating forms, and the automation takes away manual work from submission management, thereby giving your staff members time to work on other projects.
It is very time-consuming to fill in forms or collect data online manually. Your staffers can’t possibly collect clients’ data and then begin to analyze each document for execution.

Rapid and Effective Teamwork

Zoho Forms enables the team to work on a single project. Everyone is certain that all past work has been completed and knows what has to be done in their respective areas. Your team can collaborate on single or multiple forms in real-time.

What Are The Competitors of Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms competitors include: Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Jotform, Formstack, Typeform, Paperform, Formsite, Pabbly, etc.
Unlike its competitors, Zoho Forms grants you free access to all its functionalities, including the widely used drag and drop. The best free online form builder with so many amazing features is Zoho Forms. Furthermore, Zoho Forms helps you reach your ROI faster than its competitors, yet at a more affordable price. Here are additional Zoho Forms security features:

Why Choose QuakeCinch for your Zoho Forms Implementation and Support?

There are many Zoho partner agencies out there, and some will make unrealistic promises to you. As you browse the pages of some of these partners, you’d be able to tell that they’re more concerned about how many clients they can bring in than how well they can set up their clients for success.
QuakeCinch is different, and here are the things that stand us out from others:

Customer-focused services​

Our mission at QuakeCinch is to understand your business goals and create an ecosystem that allows you to pursue those goals effectively and generate the desired results for your business.

Expertise laced with experience​

We have both the expertise and experience to help you create what works, having worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses. At QuakeCinch, our services are not limited to helping you utilize the functions and features of the Zoho Forms app.

Result-focused and personalized set up and configuration

We will go over and beyond to create processes that will help you leverage the software and configure it in a way that will help you get the best out of it based on what you need to succeed as a business in your industry.
The thing is, Zoho has a plethora of features, and not all businesses need all the features of Zoho Forms. At QuakeCinch, we will help you tap into the features that will help you achieve your desired results quickly and repeatedly drive success for you.
If you had previously hired a Zoho partner agency to set up your Zoho Forms account and workflows but is not delivering on what you need, QuakeCinch can help you clean up your Zoho Forms account and reconfigure it so the product works in a way that aligns with your business goals.

Continued Customer Support

At QuakeCinch, we walk the talk. We value customer relationships and you can rest assured that our team will be there to support you and help you take advantage of the latest Zoho Forms features for your business success.

Extensive competitor migration

We also offer extensive competitor migration from pricey third-party software you currently use to the Zoho Forms alternative, such as migrating from GetResponse to Zoho Forms.
You can rest assured that we’ll help you migrate and set up smoothly without losing any data. We understand how concerned you could be about the loss of data during migration from one email marketing platform to another. However, QuakeCinch guarantees you a loss-free migration.

A smooth onboarding process

QuakeCinch is not just concerned about helping you set up your Zoho Forms account. We will also give you an onboarding tailored toward your team’s strengths and expertise.
This onboarding will allow you and your team members to understand how to use leverage the personalized setup we made for you for your business’ success.
You can set up Zoho Forms yourself and collect data with it. However, if you need to create workflows and automate processes to help you to use the platform maximally and also save your team time and resources, then, getting a certified Zoho partner with years of experience on board is your best bet.
Beyond selecting the best plan, it will also get you the setup and configuration that will help you generate meaningful results and ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.
Ready? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts now to get started with the first step!