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Why Is Zoho Marketing Personalization An Essential Concept Of Inbound Marketing?

Personalization has changed the approach to marketing from the bottom up. It’s also improved customer experience and, as a result, guaranteed profits for businesses that implement it.

But, not many businesses today fully understand how to implement marketing personalization.

Many of them have different ideas about it, most of which aren’t fully formed opinions. Some of these businesses appear weird with their implementation of marketing personalization. Some settle for adding your first name to email subject lines, but there’s much more to marketing personalization than that.

It takes a business that understands marketing personalization to get the long shot of success with it, and when they do, the results are usually mouthwatering.

You can have those results too, but understanding marketing personalization is the right place to start, and this is the right content to begin with.

What is Zoho Marketing Personalization?

Alternatively, marketing personalization can be referred to as personalized marketing, and it’s a deviant from the regular cold calling and generic marketing approach. It refers to a personal way of marketing a specific need to clients who need it.

If you wanted to take a run which is your usual morning routine exercise, there isn’t much you’d take with you – strap your boots on, pull up your jogger and wear a T-shirt, and you are always good to go. But today, after hitting the road for about 10 minutes, you get thirsty and have no cash on you.

Magical as it may sound, a seller did approach you, offered you a bottle of water, and said he knew where you lived, so he’d just swing by to get the cash later.

Now even if offered to the water at a price slightly higher than the usual price, you’d buy it because his service solves all your problems at that point.

That’s what personalized marketing is about! Getting the goods and service in front of the client that needs them at the right time.

Personalized marketing uses clients’ data to uncover their needs, peculiarities, and priorities. And as a result, you can tailor your brand messages to fit these needs.

This approach is north of the traditional selling and marketing model, which hinges on the belief of broad net casting to hook the numbers of clients that you can by cold calling, emailing using billboards, or any other traditional marketing medium that’s now yielding minimal results.

Marketing today has to be personal or at least feel like it. As a brand, you could still use many of the same mediums as traditional marketing; it wouldn’t make much difference. What makes the difference is the quality and relatability of the messages. Also called personalized marketing.

Marketing personalization can be referred to as a one-to-one marketing approach. Essentially, it makes clients believe that you are out to solve their problems and, as a result, would play along with everything you push in front of them.

It’s evident that the traditional marketing approach isn’t doing any good, and most people are sick of getting these repetitive messages that don’t relay anything special or new. You’d find these sorts of messages everywhere around you and if you’ve grown numb to them, then so has everyone else. And you don’t have any reason to keep feeding your audience with anything of the sort.

They hung up on the telemarketer; they flipped the channel as meaningless ads permeated their lives in their cars, offices, and even homes. Soon, they couldn’t escape the feeling that businesses didn’t want to help solve their problems. Companies wanted to make money, even if it meant interrupting a family dinner or the Super Bowl. That perception lingers today. Research shows that 63% of consumers are highly annoyed with the way brands continue to blast generic advertising messages repeatedly.

An Epsilon survey of 1000 clients between the ages of 17-65 revealed that:

80% of prospects are likely to conduct business with a brand or company that offers personalized experiences.

About 90% of the participants find personified marketing experience relatable and appealing.

The traditional marketing approach is out the door, and personalized marketing would kick in because it guarantees better results and increases your conversion rate. So, what’s keeping your brand from it?

Is Zoho Marketing Personalization Important For My Inbound Marketing Moves?

Yes! If anything, personalized marketing makes your inbound marketing moves even more effective. It offers you the leverage you need to get your audience’s attention. You’d always speak to their heart, positioning your business as the close-call solution they need in their lives.

You can increase your inbound marketing conversion rate with the aid of personalized marketing. If done right, you’d also get these benefits:

Improved Customer Experience

Because your business offers unique solutions, customers become more comfortable providing personal information and data about others problems they are facing, which would be your cue to solving their future issues. This would make your business the people’s choice. In return, they’d do almost anything; participate in surveys and read companies’ policies which would make your customer experience better than that of your competitors.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is a thing every business and brand craves. Most companies don’t want to lose it because it guarantees more sales and fuels brand growth. However, only companies that can touch their client’s pain points get it. It offers a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Consistency Across Channels

Consumers are always talking, and it takes a business that can listen to get their attention. It’s a classic case of “show don’t tell.” Once you prove your worth by showing customers that you are their best bet, then they’d be in with you, taking every product and service you throw at them. This influx will deliver across multiple channels helping your brand grow and increase its fanbase.

Increased Revenue

Needless to say, a business that offers solutions to problems will see an increase in its revenue. It’s the fundamental law of cause and effect. With the help of custom automated replies, you could build your ROI and engage more audiences for the business.

3 Must-Have Expert Approaches To Zoho Marketing Personalization For Every Business

Use the right technology

Having the right tools for a job can never be underestimated. Experts across any field give this advice every time, and it’s valid even in marketing personalization. What you don’t want is having a technology that would underperform where you need it to perform.

For marketers, having the right technology would be the difference between a fully automated successful campaign and an unsuccessful campaign. With the right technology in your arsenal, you could free up time by complex automatic processes involved in your marketing personalization which could include extensive data analysis and segmentation of prospects. Consider tools such as Zoho, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, among others.

Collate as much client data as possible

After setting up your technologies at different touchpoints, you should incline these techs to collate customer data to help them navigate through and find out what they are looking for. These data would help you find products that appeal to customers, and as a result, you can set up incentives and offers that are irresistible to this sect of customers.

Constantly update your customers’ information

Collecting customers’ data is not enough. Usually, you need change for each customer per time. If a customer needs toothpaste today and gets it from you, it’s useless to keep offering toothpaste to these clients. It’s your duty as a marketer to grow and update your data. Grow and adapt with your customers. Always keep them updated.

Why Does My Business Need To Create A Zoho Personalized Marketing Strategy?

While personalized marketing seems like a way to get more sales for your business, for customers, it offers perceptions of how they should view your brand. Everybody is innately self-centered, and your ability to have that about your client would help you secure their attention and keep it.

About 7 of every 10 customers get frustrated when website content is too generic and does not personally address their problems. And we see their not-so-welcoming reaction to content like that. If it were a TV advert, they’d change the channel; if it were a public display, they’d plug their earphones in, but if it is appropriately tweaked personalized marketing, you will get their attention, and they are ready to pay you your due for it.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

If you have experience with Zoho’s marketing software stack ( MarTech ) and understand this inbound marketing strategy foundations, you have a very powerful marketing starter pack ready to be configured and unleashed!

QuakeCinch can always help with your Zoho Marketing initiatives, just reach out to us!!