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How To Play God With Your Landing Pages Using An Unbounce and Zoho Integration

What’s your definition of an ideal waiter? Ideally, they should be someone who welcomes you with a smile that erases the stress sitting visibly on your face; offers you a seat and tells you the password to the Wi-Fi network; and gives you a complimentary beverage as you go through the menu to decide what you want to order.

You’ll agree that the ideal waiter should remind you why you are at the restaurant without being pushy or rushing you through the process of ordering your meal. They should also give you a taste of the royalty treatment you dreamed of when you opted for their restaurant among thousands of restaurants in your city.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder integrated with Zoho
Unbounce Landing Page Builder integrated with Zoho 2

If your landing pages are not delivering this much hospitality when your target audience visits them, chances are you are not doing things right, and you’ll have abysmal results to show for it.

After all, like the waiter, your landing pages are the first point of contact potential leads and customers have with your company. You must leave an early impression on your leads – this is the way you can ensure you convert them and justify your budget on marketing. This follows the well-known fact that the only marketing strategy that counts is the one that converts.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages vary in terms of functionality:

Viral landing pages:

Viral landing pages are created for campaigns targeted at brand awareness. They usually contain engaging content that is fun or educating with the business link inserted in it


A microsite is a small website that is dedicated to a specific campaign. It is different in that it contains more than one page.

Click-Through Pages:

A click-through page does not require a form to gather information. It is the bridge between an ad and the point where the prospect will make a purchase.

Squeeze Pages:

A squeeze page is focused on generating contacts for mailing lists. It usually contains a clear call-to-action, a link to proceed to the next phase, and a link to exit if not interested.

Sales Pages:

A sales page is designed to sell, as the name implies. It’s delicately crafted to capture the interest of prospects to buy.

Lead-generation Landing Pages:

A lead-generation landing page uses a request-and-reward technique to get contact information and in return, leads are given the information they consider valuable.

In creating and using landing pages, there’s usually a gap between what businesses desire and what they end up achieving. This can result from either ineffective communication between the marketing and the IT teams, or an issue of financial numbers – as some businesses can’t afford the cost of substantial landing pages. 

A report by HubSpot shows that more landing pages are connected to more lead generation. However, what if you discover that you spend on the creation of landing pages and at the same time dictate exactly how you want it designed even without a knowledge of how to code? So much power to wield, you’ll say. A magic wand that makes this happen is a no-code landing page.

Why Use A No-code Landing-page Creation Platform?

Cost reduction

The cost of coding a landing page by some digital agencies can go as high as $1, 500. However, with Unbounce, you can get such a deal for as low as $90/month – with a wide range of extra features to boot. This will allow you to spend your marketing budget economically.


It’s a marketing norm to tweak strategies as trends shift and the need to meet new demands arises. Unbounce brings ease to the creation of new landing pages or the modification of your existing landing pages – without technical know-how. This feature is supported by the simplicity of the platform, specifically made to serve less-technical users.

Timely delivery

Communication is at the heart of marketing. Therefore, ensuring you’re expressing ideas and perspectives that are relevant to the times and trends of your customers is important. What’s more? The gods of marketing reward the swift, as they’re better positioned to reap the reward of catching the attention of prospects before others. Rather than wait for codes to be built from scratch which will take some time, you can simply whip up a landing page on Unbounce for a quarter of the time it’ll take to build one using code, thereby staying ahead of your competition.

These benefits of no-code landing pages are why we often recommend them to our clients. 

Zoho Landing Pages is our top-choice landing-page creator, and it’s included in Zoho One. However, there’s no harm in having an alternative, and if you’re looking to have another option, then, Unbounce is your bet.

What Is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a no-code platform that allows you to create highly converting landing pages with ease. The platform makes available several templates that serve as a guide for the different requirements you have for your landing pages. Unbounce also gives you the liberty to build your landing page from scratch.

In addition to this, the platform has tools that help you boost your conversion.

Making Your Unbounce Landing Pages Convert Better With The AMP Feature

User experience is at the heart of every successful inbound marketing strategy. Load speed matters when it comes to creating highly converting user-focused landing pages. And that’s where Unbounce’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature comes in.

The AMP Feature allows you to create super-fast drag-and-drop landing pages that will augment the user experience of your prospects. The slower your landing page, the less likely you’re to convert more prospects. Seeing as mobile is a more popular medium than desktop and web, it’s important for you to commit to using super-fast landing pages.

It takes an Accelerate Mobile Page just about half a second to load, on average. That’s two and a half seconds faster than the time the average prospect will spend waiting for a landing page to load, before quitting.

What this tells you is that AMP gives you a higher chance of showing your offer quicker than the prospect would expect, which in itself would contribute to arousing their interest in what you have to offer.

As mentioned in a previous article on how to create highly-converting user-focused inbound landing pages, your landing page copy is one of the essential components that determine how successfully you’ll generate leads.

You can create a super-fast landing page with a sleek user interface all you want, but if the copy is not tailored towards conversion, you’ll convert poorly. However, Unbounce’s Snazzy AI can help you craft your smart and converting copy within minutes – even if you know nothing about copywriting!
Snazzy AI is yet another added feature of Unbounce targeted at helping you make the most of your no-code landing pages.

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Going The Extra Mile With An Unbounce And Zoho Integration

It’s essential to note that while an appealing landing page is a good investment, it’s not enough for optimum customer satisfaction. Integrating your landing pages with an efficient Customer Relationship Management tool like Zoho is something you should also invest in. This will ensure you have a detailed understanding of the buyer’s journey and what you need to ease your leads through the journey and convert them into paying customers.

An understanding of your leads’ buyer’s journey goes a long way in helping you to deliver personalized messages to your prospects.

You can easily connect your Unbounce landing page submissions to your Zoho CRM via Zapier. This move allows you to automate and fast-track the processing of your generated leads for eventual loading into your Zoho CRM account.

Benefits Of Integrating Unbounce With Zoho

Lead Capturing and Segmentation

We’ve initially established that an effective marketing strategy needs multiple landing pages that are specific to each offer made to the prospects.

Thus, managing the data from multiple landing pages is made easy with an Unbounce and Zoho integration. If Unbounce can be likened to the attractive bait, then Zoho is that effective hook that ensures all necessary information is milked appropriately.

Thanks to an Unbounce and Zoho integration, you can also easily segment your new leads according to how they were generated.


One feature that Unbounce has that makes a huge difference is A/B testing, which allows you to test which of your landing pages is the most effective. This powerful feature saves you the hassle of wasting time and resources on landing pages that will convert abysmally.

Thus, an Unbounce-Zoho integration is important because when your funnel is faulty at the top, there is little a CRM can do to help you attract, convert, and delight a reasonable fraction of your target audience.

An effective landing page ensures you get good value for every buck spent on a CRM.

Automated Processes For Smoother Lead Generation

An Unbounce-Zoho integration allows you to automate several processes between the two apps, thus making it easier, quicker, and smoother to generate and classify your new leads. A quicker lead generation model allows you to contact your new leads faster, which gives you a potentially higher chance of converting them into paying customers.

Increased Productivity

It’s easy to underestimate the compounding effect integrating Unbounce and Zoho can have on your marketing strategies when their features are examined individually.

However, when you consider the fact that the integration of both platforms is synonymous with automating your lead capturing and classification and nurturing processes, it becomes a great deal. This impact is best seen when workflow management is considered. Using each of the software tools separately will mean having to move chunks of data around. With Integration, the two platforms communicate with each other while you have time to focus on other creative means to boost your performance.

How to Integrate Unbounce And Zoho

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Unbounce and Zoho in a few clicks:

As easy-to-use and quick as Unbounce is, an Unbounce-Zoho integration would most likely be untested waters for you.

Wading in untested waters could be risky, time-wasting, and costly – but not if you have a team of Zoho experts as a guide.

Want to leverage the power of an Unbounce-Zoho integration to create highly converting landing pages and effectively manage your leads? Reach out to our team of experts to get services tailored towards your business growth.

Inbound Marketing Powered by Zoho MarTech

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