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Zoho Sign Implementation Support and Guidance

Get A Zoho Sign Setup To Create And Complete Contracts and Agreements Faster

The digital signature industry, which is currently worth over $4 billion, is a fast-growing industry projected to be worth $42 billion by 2030. The major reason for this isn’t far-fetched: as long as businesses and organizations make formal interactions in the digital space, there’ll be the need to provide a convenient means of appending signatures to documents and agreements. This is the driving force behind the booming e-signature industry.

In addition to the convenience, opting for digital signatures has other perks, such as saving costs with through a mass reduction in papers printed and used, saving time that would have been used to wait around for the right parties to append their signatures, and eco-friendliness. Reports have it that businesses can save up to 78.62% in costs and an 80% reduction in turnaround time by migrating to e-signatures.

zoho sign implementation support and guidance

These, however, do not make e-signature the quintessential for document authorization or identification. There are some barriers that still stand in the way of the mass adoption of e-signatures among businesses, and it’s such crucial points — which form the basis of concerns of some business owners — that you should consider when choosing an e-signature software platform. These issues range from the technicality and technical knowledge some e-signature software tools require, the cost of acquiring some of these tools, and security. Fortunately, Zoho Sign is a tool built with consideration for the concerns that adopters or prospective adopters of e-signatures might have.

As a small or micro business owner, migrating to e-signatures will save you time, money, and resources. However, before you consider this innovative tech, here’s all you should know about your best bet in the e-signature industry — Zoho Sign.

What is Zoho Sign?

Zoho Sign is a tool that takes care of the full process of identification and document authorization. That is to say, Zoho Sign’s functions go beyond providing you with the features to append digital signatures. You can also count on this versatile tool for end-to-end document management — from forwarding it to all the parties involved, to signing, to tracking, to management. With this, you get to enjoy a complete electronic experience while creating the space to accommodate interaction with organizations that are yet to join the digital train.

In addition to the platform’s wide range of capabilities, the usage has been made stressless and simple for your use. Zoho Sign is at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology to deliver amazing experiences to you through its cool features. What are these features? Let’s dive in!

Features and Functions of Zoho Sign

Moving from paper to paperless might seem as simple as gaining access to a software platform after having paid through your card. However, it’s not as simple as that; there are a lot of changes that will happen within your organization the moment you decide to move your operations to fully paperless by opting for an e-signature platform.
To help ease your team’s transition, Zoho Sign has these amazing features:

Document Management

Signing a document digitally is a destination, but before you get to this destination, there are mountains and oceans of document management issues to cross. How do you even sign a document effectively when the process of accessing the document is not optimized? To address this, Zoho Sign provides you with a channel that makes it easy to import your document into the software from whatever platform or database it’s stored in.

There are three different options you can explore when it comes to uploading your documents on Zoho Sign: you can either drag and drop the document, browse through your device storage or access cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This eliminates the trouble of having to copy documents from one source to another which eats into your time and device storage.

Zoho Sign takes the removal of barriers up another notch by allowing you to upload documents of varying formats. With this, you can say bye-bye to your file-converting apps as Sign is compatible with docx, doc, pdf, and even jpeg and png files. No need for file conversion. Just upload and get to work immediately.

You also get to enjoy a range of flexibility with these documents when you upload them. With the ability to preview your document before you send it, you can add extra attributes to modify the original document, such as extra fields you consider important to the signage of the document. You can make custom fields or drag-and-drop the fields from the options you will be provided in the menu. This process can also be automated when you add tags to the document. When you do this, fields that are relevant to the tag you have selected will be generated when you upload the document.

In cases where disputes or the need for a reference arises, Zoho Sign’s got you covered. Thanks to the platform’s autosave feature, each document you bring into Zoho Sign is saved in the cloud and you can easily retrieve it when you need to.

Remote Collaboration

Parties that will be on the receiving end of your documents are people with varying levels of technical knowledge. To avoid putting your efforts at going paperless to waste, you need to coordinate their actions. It’s simply insufficient to send the documents and fold your arms. While some associates might be excited about the prospects of digital signature, some will be confused, while some others will be plain indifferent. You, therefore, need some leverage that helps you coordinate their interaction with the documents you have sent to them.

One way Zoho Sign helps you do this is through its real-time comment feature. By communicating through real-time comments, recipients that are totally new to the idea of digital signatures and need extra information on how to go about it will get all the help the need on the go. Rather than having a situation where you both have to keep going back and forth because of improper signatures, you can easily add comments to the file you send to them.

There are also different levels of access that you can explore for recipients which gives you a high range of flexibility on Zoho Sign. You can decide on the role you want your recipients to perform before the document gets to them. Options available include making them a signer; someone who needs to just confirm they received a copy; or you can assign a host from your organization to get the document delivered if you’re dealing with someone that prefers to sign in person.

What would be the point of all these delegations and details, you might wonder. Well, this is because each party gets to receive notifications about their obligation with the document. Another interesting thing is you can set automatic reminders on the document specifying the frequency you want them to be delivered and the grace period each recipient has to attend to the document sent. You’ll also be able to track the status of each document so you know which document is left unattended to.

In cases where you send the wrong document or you send a document to the wrong person, you don’t have to fret because Zoho Sign also gives you the ability to instantly recall such a document.

Document Signing

When it comes down to the actual signing of documents, there are three things you can’t compromise on. The first is order, the second is ease, and the third is speed. Order ensures that you extend coordination over the way you want the documents to be signed. Ease is the factor that helps you prevent turning off your clients in the name of embracing innovation, while speed is what makes the whole adventure worth it — if it’s not instant, people will likely think paper is better.

Zoho Sign ensures all your activities while using the platform are in order through its workflows that allow you to determine the sequence of signatories. This can be activated at the point of sending the document and it gets delivered according to the order you have specified. If you have assigned someone as a first-order signatory, the document won’t get delivered to a second-order signatory until the first-order signatory has signed the document. Therefore, if your secretary is the one handling your Zoho Sign account and you need your company accountant or lawyer to sign before the external parties sign, the workflows will come in handy.

An instance that shows how Zoho Sign delivers ease with speed is the in-person signing. This allows you to collect signatures of your singers on the spot via coordinated efforts using a host. It’s great for individuals that are not sold on the digital signature idea yet or those that find it hard to sign online. With this, you can delegate someone from your organization to act as a host that directs and instructs the signer on the proper way to sign. The host then passes control to the signer and when the signature has been appended and all fields filled, the control is passed back to the host who then brings an end to the session.

Customization and Integration

Document signing borders on legality, therefore every effort to prove credibility matters. In a world where people are still insecure about the reliability of digital signatures, you can’t overlook the importance of branding and customization. On a similar note, internet fraud has also turned people into a walking bag of paranoia so it’s important to explore every chance to show that your business is authentic.

With the customization features on Zoho Sign, you have this covered. You can infuse your documents with attributes that extend across different aspects of physical appearance, such as imprinting your brand logo, using your brand color for the documents, among other brand attributes. You can also customize the content of your emails, make email signatures, and customize your email buttons using Zoho Sign.

It should be noted that you don’t have to create these elements from scratch if you are not up to it. There are various templates that come with the software that you can choose from and modify to suit your preferences.

Interoperability is another vital factor that has to be addressed before mass adoption is realized. Interoperability serves as a bridge between traditional document processors as well as modern tools and it is the way to prevent the isolation of digital signature tools. When it’s easy for you to combine other digital tools with the software you use for digital signatures, you can tap into the reach of traditional tools while leveraging the innovation of modern tools.

Zoho Sign approaches this with novelty by allowing you to integrate the app with other software tools in the document processing industry as well as productivity tools. Therefore, you can integrate Zoho Sign into your Zoho apps such as CRM, Books, Checkout, Forms, and others. If you have been using Microsoft apps, you can integrate with Microsoft365, OneDrive, and Outlook, among others. While you can have integration with Google Workspace for Google Apps, you can also explore integration with cloud storage platforms, other integration platforms like Zapier, and digital signature and identity providers.

Opting to work with a tried and tested Zoho Partner like QuakeCinch means you get this integration from the get-go. We will take a holistic view of your existing tech stack to uncover how Zoho Sign fits into your overall operation system.

Security and Compliance

Security is the cornerstone of every digital signature software and it has different facets as well as layers. Since it’s connected with legality, it can be a bit complex. When choosing a digital signature tool, every detail counts. You should know if what you’re being offered is indeed a digital signature that’s legally binding in line with government regulations or an electronic copy of a hand-drawn signature that may not be accepted in certain jurisdictions.

You also have to know the limitations of the offerings your service provider has for you, to stay within those limitation or employ third-party service providers that will complement your digital signature tool. Armed with these pieces of information, you’ll be able to avert disputes and legal problems as you go about your business.

With Zoho Sign, one feature that helps keep you safe from legal disputes is the auditing feature that allows you to see the history of activities on a particular document. With this, even if a particular party retracts their signature, there’s already a timestamp that can prove they initially signed it. The reports are also downloadable if you want to share them with an external body.

Zoho Sign’s protection is top-grade and it ensures that both the front end and the back end of your documents are kept safe and the ones that are confidential stay that way. The software also uses encryption technology, such that Zoho as a company does not have access to your data, and also external malicious agents can’t read into what’s on your documents.

In terms of legality, services offered by Zoho Sign meet the requirement in most countries such as the ESIGN Act in the United States as well as the eIDAS of the European Union. It’s however important to check if it’s tenable in your county and Zoho provides a legal guide that you can look up for transparency.

Why Should You Choose Zoho Sign For Your Business?

There’s no telling the specifics of the hurdles that will stand in your way as you journey toward going paperless. it’s therefore advisable to be prepared for all possible scenarios. This way, you’re over-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. Zoho Sign is the tool that gives your business this level of empowerment. You’re going to face repulsion, rejection, and hesitancy but with Zoho Sign, you can glide over them and keep your business above the competition and challenges. Here are the main reasons why you should choose Zoho Sign.


In a bid to onboard as many customers as they can, many companies are in the habit of hiding important specifics from their customers. These details become clauses that can’t be ignored in the long run, thereby affecting the satisfaction that should come with using the company’s products or services. For Zoho Sign, this is not the case as everything is made bare before you decide to become a customer. This involves the range of services covered as well as pricing. There are no shady unspoken clauses or hidden charges.


It might be hard for you to admit when you think deeply about it, it’s absurd to only have access to digital tools on the desktop only. This means you are limited by time or place and it’s simply frustrating to receive notifications on your mobile about tasks that need to be fulfilled but you are helpless about it. This is what happens when you receive notifications on mobile but you don’t have the app to execute them on mobile.

With the Zoho Sign mobile app that can be gotten from both the App Store and Playstore, you can attend to all issues pertaining to document signing on the go anywhere you are.


Zoho Sign also scores big on the usability factor. Usability ensures that you don’t have two or more problems on your hands in the bid to solve one. Zoho Sign has a great and simple interface that makes navigating on the app — whether on mobile or desktop — very easy. In addition to this, there are multiple language options on the app. You can explore up to twelve different major languages, thereby removing language barriers if you’re dealing in indigenous languages.

What Are The Competitors Of Zoho Sign?

There are a number of other tools out there in the digital signature space asides from Zoho Sign. In this category, you will find Docusign, Adobe Acrobat Sign, PandaDoc, and HelloSign. There are however factors that distinguish Zoho Sign from the pack and these include affordability and the speed you can get a return on your investment.

Compared to PDFfiller, which starts at $30/user/month, Zoho Sign, which starts at $12/user/month has signable forms, in-person signing, bulk sending, advanced authentication, and multi-language support.

Compared to SignNow, which starts at $20/user/month, Zoho Sign’s $12/user/month offers an extensive integration with Zoho apps, a free version, and blockchain-based timestamping

Why Choose QuakeCinch for Your Zoho Sign Implementation and Support?

There are many Zoho partner agencies out there, and some will make unrealistic promises to you. As you browse the pages of some of these partners, you’d be able to tell that they’re more concerned about how many clients they can bring in than how well they can set up their clients for success.
QuakeCinch is different, and here are the things that stand us out from others:

Customer-focused services​

Our mission at QuakeCinch is to understand your business goals and create an ecosystem that allows you to pursue those goals effectively and generate the desired results for your business.

Expertise laced with experience​

We have both the expertise and experience to help you create what works, having worked with hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses. At QuakeCinch, our services are not limited to helping you utilize the functions and features of the Zoho Sign platform.

Result-focused and personalized set up and configuration

We will go over and beyond to create processes that will help you leverage the software and configure it in a way that will help you get the best out of it based on what you need to succeed as a business in your industry.

To use Zoho Sign to your benefit, you need a configuration that takes into account your business goals, existing data, business size, audience type, business type, and current tech stack. Zoho Sign has different pricing stages tailored to match distinct business sizes and goals.

Your business might need advanced Zoho Sign features and integrations, or it might not. At QuakeCinch, we’ll help you tap into the features that matter and will see you achieve your desired results quickly and repeatedly drive success for you.

If you had previously hired a Zoho partner agency to configure your Zoho Sign account but the setup is not driving you the results you need and you believe you can get more from the platform than what they did for you, QuakeCinch can help you clean up your Zoho Sign dashboard and reconfigure it so the product works in a way that aligns with your business goals.

Continued Customer Support

At QuakeCinch, we walk the talk. We value customer relationships and you can rest assured that our team will be there to support you and help you take advantage of the latest Zoho Sign features and functions for your business success.

Extensive competitor migration

We also offer extensive competitor migration from pricey third-party software you currently use to the Zoho alternative. This way, we’ll help you select the right tech stack based on your business size, industry, and goals.

We’ll help you migrate from Asana, Jira,, Trello, and other pricey competitors and third-party software without you losing your data.

A smooth onboarding process

QuakeCinch is not just concerned about helping you set up your Zoho Sign account. We’ll also give you an onboarding tailored toward your team’s strengths and expertise.

This onboarding will allow you and your team members to understand how to leverage the personalized setup we made for you for your business’ success.

Setting up a basic Zoho Sign account is a walk in the park and you could decide to do it yourself. However, one thing small and medium-sized businesses often discover is that their setup and configuration aren’t bringing them the needed results.

Getting a certified Zoho Partner with years of experience on board will help you get the best Zoho Sign plan based on your business size, plans, data size, and goals.

Beyond selecting the best plan, QuakeCinch will also get you the setup and configuration that will help you generate meaningful results and ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.
Ready? Reach out to our team of Zoho experts now to get started with the first step!