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Zoho Marketing Automation Tutorial Demo Video Series 1

January 10, 2021
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We are often asked, what is the difference between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation. There are many but one of the biggest differences is Zoho Campaigns is more of a mass email marketing platform. Whereas Zoho Marketing Automation is a marketing automation solution. You may not know the difference yet, but after reading this blog and watching us build a Zoho Marketing Automation solution, it will make more sense to you.

Identify leads and contacts interested in our products or services using web page sales signals using Zoho Marketing Automation web assist goals [Zoho Marketing Automation Video Tutorial]

What are sales signals? To me and in this context, they are a series of actions taken by a lead / contact which demonstrates interest in your product or service. In our example, we will create a Zoho Marketing Automation Web Assist goal to identify those we feel are interested in our implementation services.

In our example we use three website page views as the criteria to meet our goal. If the lead / contact goes to our website and visits our “About Us” page, our “Testimonial” page and our “Pricing and Packaging” page, to us, that is a sales signal that the lead / contact is definitely interested in acquiring our implementation services.  Not only do we know of their interest, we know the user is probably in the “Consideration” buyer stage since they are researching us specifically. 

Create highly personalized emails leveraging CRM data and Zoho Marketing Automation Dynamic Content features [Zoho Marketing Automation Video Tutorial]

We will create a new email offering our implementation services.

We will put in the email dynamic content  based on lead / contact Industry

We will put in the email dynamic content  based on lead / contact buyer persona

Zoho Marketing Automation tutorial on creating an automated and complex buyer journey with 10+ journey process components [Zoho Marketing Automation Video Tutorial]

We will be using these Zoho Maketing Automation Journey builder process components and strategy to build our automated journey for those who have achieved a goal we designed. 

Journey is triggered by completing our Zoho Marketing Automation Goal

Send highly personalized email

Send internal email notification to lead / contact owner

Update lead / contact status field in CRM to “Pre Qualified”

Change buyer stage field to “Consideration” from “Awareness”

Change lead stage of lead / contact to “Marketing Engaged”

Create task in CRM for lead / contact owner to reach out to lead / contact

Send SMS text message to users based on their buyer persona (Micro Business Owner, Senior Marketing)

Apply marketing tags for future reference

Add lead / contact to a lead nurture email journey consisting of 4 sequenced emails

Engage leads and contacts with Smart popups providing a contextual marketing experience [Zoho Marketing Automation Video Tutorial]

After identifying a lead / contact as someone interested in our services since they completed the Zoho Marketing Automation web assist goal, why stop there? Sure we will send them an email, but what if we trigger a contextual popup to be displayed after the web assist goal is achieved. We will