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How I integrated WooCommerce and LifterLMS with Zoho CRM

November 22, 2020
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As Zoho solution architects, this week we had an interesting project. We had a customer that was using WooCommerce on their WordPress website. They were selling online learning course bundles. The courses were configured in LifterLMS which is available as a WordPress plugin. We upgraded the LifterLMS software to include their WooCommerce add-on. In a nutshell, they were selling online training courses online and wanted customers synced to Zoho CRM.

The client wanted customers who purchased their online courses to be pushed to Zoho CRM as Contacts. They also offer ‘free previews’ of their learning courses. Those who signed up to get a free preview course were to be pushed to Zoho as Leads, not Contacts. This way we could push the Leads into Zoho Marketing Automation and set them on a personalized marketing automation journey built for lead nurturing.

Zoho Marketing Automation WooCommerce Product nurturing email journey

How did we get the Contacts and Leads into Zoho CRM from the WooCommerce installed on a WordPress site? There are many ways to do so but in the end, we went with a CRM Perks plugin called “Woocommerce Zoho Plugin“.

This plugin allowed us to not only push Contacts and Leads to Zoho CRM, but it also allowed us to push WooCommerce products purchased into Zoho CRM as Products. It also permitted us to create ‘closed won’ status Deals in Zoho CRM. You might be asking yourself “How did QuakeCinch create both Contacts and Leads in Zoho CRM”? I’ll tell you how… Using the CRM Perks plugin, we created a new ‘Zoho Feed’ with a custom filter for the products with names containing ” **FREE PREVIEW** ” and pushed those as Zoho CRM Leads.

We created Zoho CRM Contacts by using the same process but a little different. We create a new CRM Perks “Zoho Feed” and created custom filters for products that did not have ” **FREE PREVIEW ** ” in the product name.

Below is a screenshot of the **FREE PREVIEW** products that were created after pushing the LifterLMS course participants to woocommerce and ultimately Zoho CRM.

If you are looking to do something similar, give this approach a try. Both the CRM Perks and LifterLMS addon for WooCommerce have trials (I think Lifter costs $1 for 30 days) for you to experiment with. What will you build? Keep us posted!