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Top 10 Reasons to Use Zoho CRM Marketing Attribution

September 1, 2021
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Marketing campaigns have become more complicated than before. With the emergence of new channels and device types, it is hard to navigate which marketing strategies would deliver the high-yield results for your business. The truth is, marketers cannot capture the complete picture of ROI generated for every campaign without having access to the relevant data. However, much has changed with the advent of technology. 

In other words, it has become a lot easy for marketers to identify which part of their marketing strategy generated the best results and which didn’t. They can learn what customers’ preferences are and optimize their ads across different platforms based on this information.

So, how can you get your hands on that data? Among many other tools, it is Zoho CRM that has established a concrete trust among digital marketers. 

With Zoho CRM, you now have the power of Zoho Marketing Attribution at your fingertips! This new feature is designed to provide you with the analytics that let businesses measure their marketing ROI and maximize lead generation by dividing them into three areas: acquisition, retention, and revenue. 

Let’s look at some reasons why you should be using the marketing attribution feature of Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Marketing Attribution: An Impactful Feature  

The Zoho CRM marketing attribution feature allows businesses to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. This provides business leaders, sales managers, and marketers with the essential data to measure marketing effectiveness, improve marketing yield, and identify ROI. 

Improved ROI

Zoho CRM marketing attribution is the perfect way to bring together your marketing campaigns under one roof to keep measurement simple and fast. Having all your marketing campaigns monitored from a single destination helps you understand the real-time effectiveness of each campaign, and hence, provides you with the opportunities to optimize your exciting strategies for better results.   

Furthermore, Zoho CRM’s attribution feature can help you validate your spending on various channels that helps in driving brand awareness. It even guides your prospective customers along the path to make a purchase. 

The ROI in Zoho CRM is calculated by only considering the closed deals. However, if you wish, you can add open deals as well. 

Optimized Marketing Spend

Zoho CRM marketing attribution allows you to gain insights on marketing channels producing the best results for your business. This helps businesses avoid wasting their marketing budgets and ensures that they spend their budget on the best campaigns that attract more customers to their store. The feature also estimates the ROI of various marketing channels, namely email, search, display, and social media. 

Improved Product Development

Zoho CRM marketing attribution is an effective tool to deploy while developing new products and services. With attribution analytics, you can productively identify the right amount of investment and marketing that is a must for a product to be successful. This also includes identifying the best channels to promote it on and identifying new avenues for growth.   

Optimized Creativity

Zoho CRM attribution feature is a great way to evaluate the creative elements of your marketing campaigns, providing you with a plethora of options to hone messaging and visual elements. On top of that, you will be able to collect an understanding of how and when to communicate with your audience. Result? A more optimized marketing campaign that will last for longer than expected!  

Enhanced Personalization

The advanced digital marketing era has pushed customers to an extent where they now expect a personalized touch at every interaction. 

With marketing attribution, marketers can discover the messaging and channels preferred by their individual customers, resulting in more compelling target marketing. For instance, evaluating a customer’s browsing behavior can give the marketing team a crisp understanding of products or services that intrigues them the most. 

Cost-Cutting on Ineffective Marketing

Marketing attribution allows marketers to reallocate their budget towards other marketing activities that are more likely to produce results. With comprehensive analytics, marketers can channel their resources and efforts in a better direction while slicing out the activities that have little or no impact on your bottom line.

By evaluating your campaigns, you can further optimize your future marketing efforts and save more money. For instance, a marketer is well aware of the campaigns that are producing the best results. 

(Analytics tab)

Optimized Prospective Customer Interactions

As Zoho CRM marketing attribution provides an understanding of the channels driving new business, you can efficiently optimize the campaigns for prospective customer interactions. You can now segment your campaigns to identify the ones that are best-performing. 

The better you know your customers’ behavior, the better you can serve them. 

Understanding Customer Journeys

Tracking the journey of prospective customers and their interactions with the business is a great benefit provided by the marketing attribution feature of Zoho CRM. It also enables your marketing team to measure the marketing results, which helps you understand how your prospects move towards becoming a customer. 

Improved Target Marketing

Zoho CRM marketing attribution can help businesses to laser target their audience. It provides insights into how customers interact with your business, such as being online more on weekends or during specific periods of the day. With data available, businesses can fine-tune their marketing efforts by delivering content and advertisements when consumers are most likely to engage with them.

Improved Customer Engagement

Targeting the right customers can significantly affect your business goals, one of them being better customer engagement. This Zoho CRM feature helps marketers target the right customers by providing information on their browsing, usage, and buying patterns. It takes into account all the marketing channels of a business, whether online or offline. This way, businesses can pinpoint new and existing customers and reach out to them with much better preparation. 

Use Cases: How Zoho CRM Marketing Attribution Feature Helps Businesses 

Numerous industries are leveraging the marketing attribution feature of Zoho CRM to scale their businesses. Here are the two of the most popular industries scaling on it.  

Healthcare Industry 

Within days of launching a campaign, healthcare marketers can assess whether they have targeted the desirable audience using marketing attribution data. They can also see if the people who are exposed to certain ads have health problems based on which the campaign was designed in the first place.

Further, this will help them keep an eye on their marketing spend and see if they are spending their budget on the right audience. 

Retail Industry

With marketing attribution, retail marketers can track the consumer path and find whether the lead is being converted to a sale or not. For instance, a visitor wishlists a product website, and to ensure that lead converts to a sale, you can use the marketing attribution feature to keep track of such customers who are interested in your product but haven’t purchased it yet. 

The Bottom Line 

Marketing attribution is the future of digital marketing with a powerful ability to transform businesses. With Zoho CRM’s marketing attribution feature, marketers can make every penny count, making it an essential investment for businesses. 

Whether or not it’s worth investing in a certain channel, how much return each of your campaigns is bringing in for other channels, and which channel brings the most value to ROI; the Zoho CRM Marketing Attribution Tool will help you make informed decisions so that you can spend more time on what really matters. With this feature, you can manage everything – from lead generation to following up on existing leads and potential buyers.