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Zoho Advanced Integration Option ‘On The Cheap’ With Skyvia Data Integration Software

November 22, 2020
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Zoho Advanced Integration Option ‘On The Cheap’ With Skyvia Data Integration Software

Goodbye Zapier and Zoho Flow, Hello Skyvia!

Are you in the market for a solution that will allow you to integrate your Zoho data with almost any cloud or on-premise data source? If you landed on this page, you undoubtedly know all about Zapier and Zoho Flow. Remember the smile on your face when you found those solutions and thought, ‘hell yeah’, this is exactly what I needed, #JackPotBaby! When you first read about Zapier integration with Zoho, or if you have Zoho One, you discover you have access to Zoho Flow. You read all the marketing materials, look at Zapier recipes and try to recreate them in Zoho Flow. You search both software websites to view what ‘triggers’ are available. Sometimes you find the trigger you needed is available and the data fields you need to push and pull are natively available. After you get familiar with Zapier and Zoho Flow, you slowly realize there are some major shortcomings for the total integration of data with Zoho and another source. You look at google ‘Zoho Integration Options’ and the same solutions are displayed, but the options are either too darn pricey or fall short of being able to meet your integration needs.

I want to introduce you to Skyvia! Skyvia is a universal cloud data platform that connects your Zoho data to almost any other data source. Before I go further, I want to talk about price, because Skyvia is very attractive. After working with integration software such as Jitterbit for years, one thing is certain, click-based integration software is expensive. Sure, it’s easier and faster than hand-coding connections and hand-coding ETL functions, but it usually comes with a hefty 5 digit price tag, and that is just for 1-1 integration with a single source and target system. The good news is, Skyvia offers a free plan for you to experiment with. The free plan includes Data Integrations, Query, Backup, and Connect platform options.

I will get into Skyvia capabilities in a moment, I just wanted to show you the price point since that is usually a deal-breaker for many companies seeking integration software.

Skyvia has a great user interface and elements are clearly laid out in your workspace. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a connection between Zoho and your other data source. You’ll need to determine which is the ‘target’ and which is the ‘source’. In our example, we will make Salesforce the source and Zoho the target. We want to push Salesforce Contacts to Zoho Leads, but only if the last name is ‘Kappler’. You may want to push the opposite direction so any data source can be either a source or target.

Now that our connection is setup, we need to create a ‘package’ to link the two connections

My favorite part of the software suite is the query builder. You do not need to know SQL to grab data from one system and place it in another. You can build very complex queries easily with Skyvia’s Query Builder. Whether your building queries to pull contacts from MailChimp that opened and clicked a specific email campaign to push them to a Zoho Campaign and/or Zoho CRM record. Whether you have Docusign in Salesforce and want to create/update a record in Zoho when a document has been signed, you can do that with drag and dropping in Skyvia’s workspace.

As a small business solution provider with years of experience working with CRM and data integrations, QuakeCinch definitely realizes that Zoho CRM (as with most other CRM software) has its limitations, constraints, and challenges. But the good news is, with the Skyvia software, you can take your highly guarded data and push and pull it through the clouds at an affordable price.

If you are an amateur Zapier or Zoho Flow kinda person, you might have a solid enough technical foundation to review Skyvia’s technical documentation and get the ol’ brain in what I like to call “I wonder if we can do this if I do that” mode. With the need for complex Zoho integrations constantly increasing, I think Zoho should buy Skyvia. Kind of like how Salesforce bought Mulesoft. It is a platform extender with great potential. This will most likely will never happen as Zoho builds all its software from the ground up, but if they added something like this to Zoho One, OMG!

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You can view the software on Zoho Marketplace.

QuakeCinch wanted to put Skyvia on your radar. There are so many integration software companies with superior SEO that finding Skyvia isn’t the easiest. Someone searching for a reasonably priced awesome solution to open up their Zoho data repository could, unfortunately, skip right over it. Fire up your free Skyvia account and play around with it. You’ll be wowed just like we were! Let us know about your experiences integrating data with Zoho platform.