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Zoho Marketing Plus: Unveiling The Only Unified Marketing Platform

March 2, 2022
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As businesses prepare for the rollercoaster of holidays and venturing into a new year, it’s easy to get caught up in a rush and move ahead without planning. Being said that, it’s important for marketers to evaluate what worked for them in the past and strategize for the upcoming year accordingly. Marketers, undoubtedly, are community-minded people who do a lot for their companies, from collaborating across multiple departments to tracking their competitive players. 

The only thing that’s been missing from the mix is a comprehensive tool. A holistic solution to make marketing efforts an integrated, cohesive strategy. Intrigued? Well, this article will take you through one such tool that brings together all aspects of marketing and help you get ahead of the competition. So, let’s get started. 

What is Zoho Marketing Plus 

Designed for businesses and marketers of all types, Zoho Marketing Plus is a great marketing tool with which all your marketing activities can be consolidated and made more efficient. Through this unified marketing platform, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded marketers and grow your online presence seamlessly.

Now, you won’t need to switch between apps anymore. Just do your job and focus on reaching and engaging your customers. Result? You can now work more effectively with the marketing tools. Whether you want to build customer loyalty, attract new customers or win your old clients back, Zoho marketing plus is the package you need. 

Zoho Marketing Plus For Marketing Teams: The Catch

Zoho’s marketing platform enables its users to create user-friendly platforms that can easily customize and integrate into a company’s systems. Its customizable Zoho CRM helps businesses improve their sales numbers by identifying their ideal customers or leveraging conversion rate optimization. 

Below are a few awesome features that Zoho marketing plus offers, which will improve your overall marketing efforts. 

Multichannel Marketing 

Spread your message across your customers’ favorite channels, whether it’s on social media, email, or SMS!

Broadcasting your message on a single channel won’t work in your favor. You need to set up coordinated efforts across various channels to get your message heard. Zoho marketing plus brings you that opportunity with a single place of being your marketing command center. This unified marketing platform drives engagement and helps you execute any type of marketing campaign you want and that too within a single powerful marketing tool. 

Zoho marketing plus offers support for the following campaigns: 

Email & SMS

With Zoho marketing plus, you get to choose from 240 pre-designed templates that cater to different business needs to create effective email and SMS campaigns to drive conversions. With a straightforward drag-and-drop builder, you can now send plain text emails or design them to customize your users’ needs. Also, the tool allows marketers to use automatic email triggers and gain insights from targeted email analytics. Lastly, you can run A/B testing to ensure the best campaign version reaches your audience. 

Social Media

You can also create awesome social media campaigns and manage your presence across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business. From monitoring specific hashtags and keywords to see what’s being said about your brand, you can have all these real-time insights via the social monitor. Zoho marketing plus gives you a competitive advantage by helping you know the best time to post across different channels and using lead ads to reach the right audience. You can even benefit from targeted social media analytics on engagement and decide whether you want to publish posts on just one platform or many at once.   


Webinars have become a hot topic in the marketing world these days. With Zoho marketing plus, you can create engaging webinars, even set up polls to keep your audience involved. By using real-time Q&A, you can answer questions as your attendees ask. Lastly, the tool lets you measure webinar performance with useful insights and keep your brand top of mind.  


Zoho marketing plus empowers you to send targeted surveys to your audience and listen to their feedback. The tool offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive editor that allows you to create a survey based on your needs and customize it for your customers. With the help of over 25 themes, you can choose the one that can get your customers talking. 


With Zoho marketing plus, you can have the power to design your product launch plans with over 100 templates for different marketing needs. What’s more? You can also use infographics and animation to add an impressive touch to your presentations. 

On top of that, marketers can also collaborate through mentions and comments in real-time. 


What is it like to plan virtual events for higher ROI? Looks like an amazing idea! Isn’t it? Zoho marketing plus allows you to plan these events and connect with your audience while also providing you with easy sign-up with registration and ticketing support. The pre-built website themes allow you to launch your online event quickly.

Marketing Collateral Management 

Get even more ideas and inspiration for creating beautiful content with Zoho Marketing Plus!

Creating a great copy is magic, and it brings you a long way ahead in the marketing strategy. It is important that your marketing collateral has the right combination of design, color, and copy that will effectively deliver your message to the target audience. Zoho’s tool helps you create the perfect marketing collateral by giving you the freedom to choose from a multitude of designs available to you. They also guide you through crafting brilliant and effective copy for every piece of marketing collateral. 

Further, marketing plus provides you with centralized file management specially designed for team collaborations. It allows you to store your marketing collateral, including documents, presentations, whitepapers, pricing sheets, and PDFs, in one place so your team can quickly access the assets and plan the next campaign launch. 

With marketing plus, you can:

  • Track the changes of each team member for the best review process 
  • Leverage Zia, Zoho’s AI-powered document assistant who can correct and polish your content 
  • Manage different versions of documents and keep track of your team’s creative inspirations 
  • Find & share files and documents easily with team members 
  • Share the documents externally, and password-protect them
  • Discover the right collateral with file search 

Marketing Automation 

Customer interaction is key!

If you’re like most businesses and marketers, you probably find yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to marketing strategies and customers interaction. How should you spend your time, energy, and resources? Should you focus on SEO or social media marketing? What’s the best way to drive traffic through paid advertising or focus on building brand awareness through word-of-mouth? 

Marketing automation is the answer. 

With marketing automation, you can get in touch with your customers to generate more business and see your sales skyrocket. You can build marketing automation workflows to send personalized emails triggered by the actions of your prospects and customers. They help you sell more products & services, engage new prospects, build loyalty with existing customers, and even drive repeat sales.

With marketing plus, you can guide your customers through a unique journey by showing them content based on their past behaviors and how they interacted with your brand. Yes, now you can decide their journey from the very first touchpoint to how they interact. 

Zoho marketing plus provides you with a range of pre-existing automation templates, including welcome journeys, lead nurturing, etc., to help you design your customer journey for time management and personalized engagement. In addition, you can have access to engagement-specific reports to keep track of how your audience is performing at each stage. 

Campaign Management

A comprehensive workspace is created for each campaign, and all the campaigns created by the entire team can be managed from one central location. Using an effective workflow will help you monitor all your marketing activities and run your campaigns with ease. With Zoho marketing plus, you can also access campaign reports that provide detailed information on how your campaign is performing and if there is any room for improvement. 

The workflow created will link to the webinars, events, and surveys created by marketers, making it easy to work on and plan parts of your ongoing or ongoing projects.

Zoho marketing plus’ campaign management tool also assists you in planning your next big marketing campaign. You can schedule your campaigns in advance, choose the specific audience for each by using advanced targeting features and even use the scheduler to send emails in an optimal time zone.

Here’s what you can do in campaign management. 

Complete campaign overview 

Marketing plus gives you an overview of your campaign, including launch date, the status of the campaign, and progress. You can create, assign and track activities important for your next campaign on multiple channels that you use, including social media, email, surveys, and more. With this tool, you can even modify your campaign.  

Campaign activities

Marketing plus allows you to add activities to your campaign, such as social media, email SMS, surveys, scheduling a webinar, and blogs from a single platform. You can even track the status and monitor the progress of every activity, whether it is scheduled, launched, or pending. 

To-do list

You can now get complete visibility over what’s happening with your campaigns. Campaign-related tasks can be viewed based on their status, activities performed, and campaigns’ owners. 

Campaign Collaboration

With marketing plus, you can collaborate with your team in real-time. You can plan, comment, collaborate, share news, tag people, or make announcements about the campaign virtually and share documents using the Discussions feature. 

Marketing Analytics 

You can’t sell anything without knowing what’s effective and what isn’t.

Marketing analytics helps you to gauge the success of your marketing campaigns and predict the growth of your business. It allows you to measure and track all aspects of your campaign performance, including response rate, open rates, click-through rates, conversion metrics, and even social media engagement. You can also keep a close watch on how you are comparing with other brands in terms of engagement rate. 

Zoho marketing plus lets you plan innovative marketing strategies that will help you increase sales and generate more leads. Its full-featured analytics tool helps you get detailed information about your customers, such as demographics, email purchase history, keywords used for search, and much more.  Using this information, you can deliver highly relevant messages to your customers via social media channels.

You can also build campaigns that connect with your customers at the right place and at the right time. You can use the built-in multivariate testing engine to run multiple variations of a campaign and select the one that generates the best results. And if required, you can use the built-in survey engine to get input from your prospects for further fine-tuning.

Website Performance

Zoho marketing plus helps you to optimize your website performance by providing you with detailed information on how it is faring. The tool helps you measure the performance of your entire website using key metrics such as load time, page views, bounce rate, and much more to help you get the best version of every page. It will also help you analyze the conversion rate of each page on your website to improve them accordingly. 

With this tool, you can find out how visitors navigate your website and if they have clicked on the CTA. You can also analyze how the links on your site are performing. With the A/B testing feature, you can test the updates with a small number of visitors before finally implementing them.  

Brand Management 

With Zoho marketing plus’ brand management system, you can add new products and products that you would like to add to your portfolio. You can add company logos that will help you to brand your product and present it in a more professional manner. 

You can also make use of the dashboard for managing all your campaigns and workflows. The dashboard will provide you with a detailed view of the campaigns and workflows created by the entire team including their performance metrics. 

Zoho marketing plus offers a comprehensive yet simple interface that makes it very user-friendly for all users. Each feature is highlighted with an icon on each page which helps it to be easy even for beginners to get started with its features. 

Tying It All Together 

Marketing is all about creating engaging content and taking it to your customers at the right time.  Zoho marketing plus gives you the ability to easily create blog posts, create videos, and host webinars for your customers. Zoho marketing plus also provides you with ready-to-use widgets that will allow you to monetize your websites in the most effective way. You can even use its marketing dashboard, including custom analytics, to build engaging content that will help you drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

It means, instead of switching from platform to platform, you now have the one marketing platform that unifies all of your marketing efforts within a single screen.  

The Bottom Line 

It’s not always possible to employ a marketing team for your business, especially when it’s just starting out. But you do need to get the word out about it. Zoho marketing plus allows you to start small and grow bigger. It also helps you save tons of time that would otherwise be spent on researching and planning. In short, Zoho marketing plus is a one-stop marketing solution for your business, no matter how modest or big. 

The best time to impress your customers is now!