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The power of workflows in Zoho Marketing Automation

August 15, 2021
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Workflows make marketing automation possible in Zoho

In this Zoho Marketing Automation video webinar, our experts walk you through:

  • Why you may want to create marketing workflows
  • How to create marketing workflows
  • Use Zoho CRM data and apply workflows to automate your marketing strategy
  • How workflows can be used for list management
  • How workflows can be used for entry triggers on Marketing Automation Journeys
  • Create criteria for applying workflows
  • What workflow actions are available
    • Update product audience fields / levels
    • Add audience to product
    • Remove leads from list
    • Add leads to list
    • Send email
    • Push data to Zoho CRM
    • Update fields
    • Add Score
    • Assign Tags
    • Remove Tags
    • Add webhook
      • We discuss using webhooks
      • Using webhooks to send data to Zoho Flow
      • Using webhooks to send data to Zapier
      • Send data or create users in Shopify, create users in WordPress

Lucid Chart with key components of a Zoho Marketing Automation Workflow

We have created this interactive lucid chart of marketing automation workflow components. Open in another window and follow along with the webinar.